Help the Hatters Update 22

                                           Booters.......Punters.....and Hatters

It`s  ridiculous o`clock......06.00....a  time when most people are abed......Angela Moore is not, and she`s grappling with the double iron gates that keep the masses off Booth Street Car Park when they are not wanted!
Already at that time the booters are queuing to come on and pitch up as are a few punters, who are  salivating over the thoughts of an irresistible bargain.
It`s pitch black , but thankfully a few Help the Hatters people join her and its all systems go as the first batch of sellers vie for the best spots.

                                                            Gate Crew on Alert!

All concerned are relieved to see that the monster lake had been largely removed by the man from the Council, from just inside the entrance, so conditions were quite favourable for a good day- we just maybe needed the sun to shine on us!

                                                     Mob handed at the gate! did of course and with 101 sellers set up perfectly and a large number of parking punters sorted too another good day was assured.
It was good to see some new faces  in the HtH team, but sad to hear that one of them, Eddie, was off to Oz shortly.
It was a typically terrific effort by all concerned approached in a good spirit- just what`s required to help lift our great Club out of its current situation!
Well done everyone who turned out!

                                                      Angela keeps the troops in order!

Urgent Appeal Arising from the Above Item.

We are thinking of running the final Car Boot on Sunday 13th October 2013, and Angela urgently requires helpers particularly, but not exclusively, those willing to turn out at 06.00 for the early shift. Please consider this appeal carefully and if you can help please e mail Angela on

Further appeal Arising from the Above Items

I want to help( at 06.00) but need to compile/ complete and publish my match report which considering I will be driving to and from the match will be a difficulty to say the least. It would help if some kind soul could agree to give me a lift to and from the game at Barrow. I would need room in the back to enable me to start the report and save some time , and I will definitely make a generous contribution to travel costs . So please contact me if you can help at or either of my usual phone contact numbers.
Thanks in advance and with a modest amount of desperation!

Ways to Help .....Help the Hatters!

Help the Hatters continues to be sustained by its wonderful and trendously loyal base of supporters who give their time and energy so generously throughout the year- in and out of season!
I have mentioned before that other ways....painless and cost free in the main, exist so I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the details.

Vital provides another source of income for Help the Hatters via the Editors payments which accrue quarterly and have been kindly donated to HtH by Andy.
Again its a simple matter to earn HtH some money- in this case you just have to visit and the job`s done. So please consider visiting this site which has a number of lively forums on going and all County related.

Ian Brown


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