Help the Hatters Update 21

Here we go again................

The Booth Street Car Boot Sales have been a regular feature of the Help the Hatters programme for some years now. They help to keep us afloat income wise and able to function as a group.
The next one is this Sunday 22nd September  commencing at 06.00  running until 13.00.
Angela has got her team together as usual so thank you all the willing volunteers!
The start time  may strike you as a touch outlandish, but that`s the nature of booting, but the atmosphere amongst the volunteers is friendly and supportive ,and  no one is asked to do a 7 hour shift, or indeed start at 06.00 , just the hours that suit.
So if you want a bargain nip along to Booth Street on Sunday....or bob along and offer to help!

                                                        A typical HtH Car Boot Team!

Blog    went past 27000 page views this week  with good stuff from Pauline and Graham keeping the quality up along with the hits.
It is interesting to note that Leamington had 152 fans who travelled to Edgeley Park on Saturday, and via `Banter' the unofficial Leamington site, 126 of them visited the blog.
The overseas viewing figures make interesting reading with the US averaging around 180 visits per week, whereas most European countries notch up around 20 /25 each, along with China, Canada and Isle of Man( thanks Peter and Cindy!).
I was interested.....nay amazed to see that Vietnam had joined the blog`s avid readership with no less than 48 from that fair country logging on and reading about County. Oh.....there were a couple of Saudi Arabian visitors too!
We have actually received a donation via the Blog Pay Pal button since the last update, so thank you..... you know who...... we will use the money wisely.

Last Week     we concluded the street sales of the Yearbook, before Saturday`s game against Leamington, having sold short of 500 in total, but broke even with donations and advertising income.A big thanks to everyone who has joined me on Hardcastle Road flogging this excellent article! In addition a team of HtH people were hard at work from 1.30 sorting out the Vernon Building Society Kid`s Initiative. The pic below gives a flavour ( for those viewing this via the blog)of how this hard work paid off for County! Again terrific job ....thank you all!

                                             Just part of the well populated Pop Side !

Additionally HtH supporters continue to be involved in the Stronger Together supporters group and supporters wishing to sign up for the Supporters Cooperative are reminded that a link exists on the Blog ,under `favourite sites' to the whizzo new Coop web site where you can do the biz on line.
A report of Thursdays meeting is available on the Blog also


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