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" Take Me To Your Leader !"


Out Of Stockport

Virtually 21 years ago to the day I was some distance from SK3 to put it mildly. The 1995/96 season was memorable for a couple of reasons. The ‘new’ Cheadle End was opened and you may also remember a couple of games against Everton in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. Much of this was to pale into insignificance the season after but I take you back to my placement at the end of April 1996:
Zimbabwe is the country of my birth although it was Southern Rhodesia at the moment that I first sniffed the African air. My stay was all too brief and by my 4th birthday I was back in the historical parental town of Stockport. My father remained in Rhodesia although it was to be another three decades before I returned in 1995 and repeated the trip the following year.
During the period just before 1995 I had noted that a young Zimbabwean man had written to StockportCounty asking for pen pals, pictures and general swapping of photos and the like. I responded and began corresponding. Internet at this time wa…