2016 Supporters Cooperative Chris Thompson 5 A Side Tournament

In the publicity build up for this most excellent event, I was moved to opine that ` when the Stockport County Community Foundation get involved….it’s getting serious’. 

The Chris Thompson Supporters Cooperative 5 A Side Tournament is indeed a very serious affair ,attracting 10 teams to the fantastic facilities at the Stockport Power League, on a bright but decidedly coolish post Xmas afternoon!  
Inter The Pub.

Jimmy Savilla
Stockport County Community Foundation.

Ajax Tress Down

Fickle Fans United.
Rubber Souls.
Inter Ya Nan.
Exeter Gently.
Urmston Hatters.

Serious...yes...but during the afternoon, Supporters Cooperative Events Manager, Dave Marchbank, took time out to acknowledge the wonderful spirit in which the games had been played- a fitting tribute in every respect to the late Chris Thompson!
Dave Marchbank.

The contests, from preliminaries to the final, were hard fought affairs , but invariably undertaken in a magnificently sporting manner……no niggle……no leg left in late……no sly slamming of an opponent into the boards.

No….it was excellent, and in no small measure, due to the input of Paul Wilson our Chief Referee. Paul’s pre tournament pep talk to team captains ( pictured below)hit just the right spot and the teams responded to a man!

Accompanied by the two Mikes, Paul Wilson tells it how it is !

With all 10 teams registered, with event kingpin Andy Plant, we were into the fray with games divided into 2 groups of 5 teams.

Group A developed into a great contest in which Fickle Fans United came out tops with 4 wins in 4.

It was a close run thing for the second semi final spot, but Urmston Hatters eventually won out, albeit by a single goal at the expense of Inter Ya Nan.

Events were notable for a rare win for Yellowboard in the very last game of the 10 game group-  2-1 being the margin against semi finalists Urmston Hatters . The winner came via ace striker Chris Grimes, and was the signal for a mock pitch invasion from the success starved YB supporters.

Group A Results 

Jimmy Savilla 1  YB 0
Inter Ya Nan 1 Urmston Htrs 4
Fickle Fans Utd 4 Jimmy Savilla 1
YB 0 Inter Ya Nan  3
Urmston Hts 0 Fickle Fans Utd  5
Jimmy Savilla 1 Inter Ya Nan 2
Fickle Fans Utd 4  YB 1
Urmston Htrs 3  Jimmy Savilla 0
Inter Ya Nan 0  Fickle Fans Utd 2
YB 2  Urmston Hts 1

Group B saw the Stockport County Community Foundation and Exeter Gently take first and second places respectively. 

The only game the Foundation did not win was against Exeter Gently, and the 2-2 draw was also the only game in which they did not score 3 or more.

Group B Results

Ajax Trees Down 2  SC Community Foundation 4
Exeter Gently 3  Inter the Pub 1
Rubber Souls 2  Ajax Trees Down 1
SC Community Fnd 2 Exeter Gently 2
Inter the Pub 0  Rubber Souls 0
Ajax Trees Down 2 Exeter Gently 3
Rubber Souls 1  SC Community Fnd 3
Inter the Pub  4   Ajax Trees Down 0
Exeter Gently  2  Rubber Souls 1
SC Community Fnd 3  Inter the Pub 0

On to the Semi Finals then, and this is how they finished with a clutch of photos from same…..

Fickle Fans United 2  Exeter Gently 1
SC Community Foundation 4 Urmston Hatters 0
Whilst the SC Community Foundation progress to the final was a relatively gentle affair, Fickle Fans United had to come back from being one down to beat off a fierce challenge from Exeter Gently, taking the honours with a 2-1 win.

The Final was a suitably close encounter twixt 2 really good sides in the Community Foundation and Fickle Fans United, but in the end the Community Foundation took the game 2-1 and the tournament laurels!

It was a fitting end to the competition and totally in the spirit in which it had been contested , when the victorious Community Foundation team donated their ( match ticket) prizes to the runners up- Fickle Fans United.

Winners wind down.

A great gesture to cap what had been a great event- congrats to all especially our 2016 winners Stockport County Community Foundation!

Fickle Fans Utd had a terrific tournament!
Winners- SC Community Foundation.

After the competition, the organisational team set about the raffle which threw up the following winners…

1.     Beer   David Plant
2.     Chocs Damian Beaumont
3.     Wine  Ticket n 96/100 ( t/no noted and will be advised) 

Also….a total of just over £300 was raised ( an increase of 50% on last seasons tally) for the Guardian Account, and a massive vote of thanks is due to Andy Plant, John Giles, Dave Marchbank and the Stockport Power League for the magnificence of their support for the event.

Big thanks are also due to our referees…Paul Wilson, Mike O’Brien and Mike Davies without whom the event would not have been possible!

And a final congrats to our winners Stockport County Community Foundation

See you all at the next one folks!

Ian Brown  

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