Supporters Cooperative Beer Festival Effort a Real Success !

There were more than one or two tense expressions on the faces of Stockport County Supporters Cooperative Board members  … was Thursday 2 June …

Dave & Billy up to their eyes......

.......and the culmination of weeks and weeks of patient negotiations , followed by a prolonged media focus publicising what was another bold move into largely uncharted territory by Events Manager Dave Marchbank and his team.

Supporters Coop team ready to rumble!

For the first time the Cooperative engaged in a three pronged link up with nationally famous CAMRA….Stockport charity Beacon Counselling and local brewers Cryptic Ales ,in a move designed to boost the Guardian Account which is steadily heading towards £20000 as I write this article.

Dave M with CAMRA  PA

The link up with CAMRA was a bold move on our part …another leap into the dark …. agreement being reached some months ago for the Thursday evening session at the truly massive Stockport Beer & Cider Festival to be `County Night’.
CAMRA were most helpful throughout offering loads of good advice as we prepared for the event, but notwithstanding this, come Thursday and tensions were high…..would the event fly or come a cropper?

Bumping into Alan Lord in the car park going in, and getting an early peek at the new Help the Hatters kit, helped with the morale issue and it proved a good omen too as the event was a brilliant success….numbers up 6%  overall we are told.

Ken Scott & Steve Bellis pull first Ghost pint!

The Cooperatives evening started circa 5.15 when representatives of the Club  and Cryptic Ales linked up to choreograph the ceremonial pulling of the first pint of County themed beer `The Ghost’ by competition winner Ken Scott. Cryptic had worked really well with the Supporters Cooperative to launch this beer, and we urge County fans to give it a try!

Cryptic in action !

The rest of the  County orientated content went really well also…..Alan Ogley….legend and hero from County’s past, set the tone with a riveting address to a packed room prior to the England game that was shown on the giant screen. 

Alan Ogley addresses County fans....

Alan overran by a minute or so but no one minded this at all and he got a great reception.

Podders in contemplative mood....

Next off, as the game ran its course Alan headed for the County Podcast which was recording edition 17 live from the County Night.  How did it go? Well I asked Podcaster Nick Lee who enthused he would ` love to have Alan on every week..a great guy to talk to!’  Nick advised that  Chris Larkin, Dave Marchbank  were also taking part although contract negotiations with Orson Cartier were stalling at that point.

Alan Ogley in Podcast action.

 Catch what looks like being a great Podcast when it appears soon!
As stated above the event was aimed at boosting the Guardian Account , but the Cooperative were also mindful that CAMRA had a charity partner namely Stockport ‘s Beacon Counselling who  do important work, helping  young Stockport people and adults, operating from their offices in Bramhall and Greek Street in Stockport. 

Beacon Counselling working hard !

The aim on Thursday however was to push a Grand Raffle which offered a range of good prizes, but crucially also allowed Beacon and ourselves to share the proceeds 50/50.Details of winners to be announced soon.

Tension mounts as Grand Raffle Draw time nears !

I was really impressed with Beacon who had 10 volunteers at the Festival all working their socks off. Contact Beacon via  or via their website

That was a great night….here’s to next year!

Ian Brown 

Additional Gallery:

M I A H .....

Cryptic, the Club, Coop and Ken  pre ceremony !

Cryptic in action/2
David Wright raises his pint of The Ghost!

Alan Ogley
Pete Towey introduces Alan
Enjoying the Beer Fest !      

Alan Ogley talks to Dave Marchbank.


  1. Just to let you know that The Ghost also won bronze in the Beer of the Festival competition.


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