EPWP 6 and Hedgegrowers 2016 Stat Blast !


First off some photos from last Thursdays Help the Hatters Edgeley Park Working Party that again saw 20 of the usual suspects turn out to do the biz....

The main emphasis this week was concentrated on the Danny Bergara Stand and the Railway End.
Ann, Natalie and Pat got stuck into cleaning the main stand....

....whilst the lads got busy applying grey to the gangways.

David continued to sort the Railway End gates......

.....allowing Biggles to set at it painting the gates a fetching shade of yellow.

He had good company and many hands made light work of things.....

.....as gaffer John Gaskin supervised matters.

A short break , and it was back to it, working finishing circa 8.45 

Thanks  to all who again turned out this week....your efforts are appreciated and help the Club no end!.Next session at Edgeley Park is this Thursday 16 June. Report from 6pm at the Railway End, come prepared to paint if necessary.

Hedgegrowers Blog Stat Blast 2016 !!!

Yes ....another blog year has gone by...the third since hedgie's first appearance in June of 2013.
So....how have we done?
Well...whilst we did not reach 2014/15's   massive 127000 hits for the year, we did pass 100000 again for the third successive year, so thank you to our regular and occasional authors who have contributed hugely to the blogs health, and to you ...County supporters and none blues alike who have kept reading our stuff ( weekly average in 2015/16 was 1920 hits)

 Total Page Views ( since June 2013)   :      327901

           Total PV's 2016 ;             100201
            Total Average Weekly PV`s :     2102
AverageWeekly  PVs' 2016 : 1920 
            Average Views per article:  665

Who`s reading us currently ( by Country) ?

Top 10  Country's reading us....                             
1.                          UK           265047
 2.                          USA           26845
 3.                        Germany      4056
 4.                        Russia         3713
  5.                         Ukraine     2474 
  6.                        France        2454
  7                          Australia   2286
   8.                         Spain          2033
   9.                          Canada      1060
10.                         Turkey         934

Traffic Sources......

Top Source again......

1.    Marionsboard             114229
2.    Google                           10546
3.    Facebook                       5732
4.    Yellowboard                  4674
5.    County Heaven              3191
6.    Twitter                           2373
7.    Vital                                1634

Most Popular Articles ( All Time)

1.     Sea of Blue -A Historic March points to the Future( 22.12.13)  1391
2.  Alan Lord Pro Academy- The Future Beckons ( 16.8.13) 944

3. County v Academica( 24.7.14)   864

4. Match Off......Hmmmm!....  ( 11.1.14)  799

5.   That Vacancy- An Opinion( 13.1.16)        764

So another blog year sorted.....as another season beckons. I am off to get my season ticket next week  and if I do not bump into you whilst about that task, I will hopefully see you at some point in 2016/17.
IO County.

Ian Brown


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