Help the Hatters Update 71

Some body got me thinking recently…..” County must be the unluckiest team in the country” said he……and I wondered…..about luck…..
Cats tend to be thought of as lucky ( think nine lives and stuff like that), but the available evidence does not convince. Take a look for instance at the feline comings and goings in and around Downing Street.
The Prime Minister’s cat ( Larry) has no less than 47500 Twitter followers, thus must be doing OK, but just one door away , the Chancellors cat ( Freya) just could not wait to put distance twixt her and the other inhabitants of number 11, and was `rescued ‘ by a passer by a mile or so away from Downing Street, quite badly injured. So….what are the prospects for Palmeston of the F.O.?

Good luck Palmeston !

 This chirpy little character took up residence about a month ago in the Foreign Office, having been genuinely rescued by those fine folks in Battersea ……I can only wish him well!
But….having rabbited on on the subject, and whilst acknowledging that luck is an intangible element, I have to declare that although it cannot be denied that ill fortune has played some part in County’s demise , it is the things that people do, or do not do, that shape our footballing destinies! The past is just that though…the past , and we should learn from our past mistakes, but also get on with ensuring there is no repetition of same. In this respect I am heartened. Both on and off the field County have people in place with a County pedigree and County’s best interests at heart, and in the Supporters Cooperative supporters have the ideal organisation to monitor progress and keep County supporters interests at the centre of everyone’s attention.
That said….we are where we are , and much will need to be done to get us back to where we want to be, and  that is where Help the Hatters come in. All the words in the world ultimately amount to no more than the proverbial hill of beans without someone rolling up their sleeves and doing the hard graft.

`Doers….not talkers’ has been the Help the Hatters mantra  for as long as I have been involved with the organisation, and despite the season coming to an end just a few days ago Help the Hatters have been in action again.
Yes….It’s been a busy week or so for Help the Hatters, a flavour of which we gave you via the emailed `April Catch Up’ where we touched, amongst other things, on the recent efforts made by a couple of dozen Help the Hatters supporters, who turned up for the `Lit Pics’ at Booth Street, ahead of the fund raising staples…our Car Boot Sales.

It was a magnificent effort, undertaken mostly whilst experiencing bog standard weather, so many….many thanks to all of you….you know who you are!
As a rider to the `Lit Pit’ activity Fitzy, along with  Mike O’Brien and John Gaskin tackled the issue of placing a welcoming sign at the exit point on the Car Park where it allows people to gain access to Hardcastle Road. 

The weather was impossibly bad again…..snow…sleet …rain….high winds….

...........but the dedicated trio sorted the job nicely and the sign was in place when Car Boot 2 took place on Sunday 2 May.

There was even a nifty swivelling sign directing folks in distress to the toilets, which the Club kindly allows us to use on Car Boot days, but I note that this had lost its swivel by May 2.

On to May 2 then, and Car Boot 2........

I asked for angst and tension....they gave me hillarity !

...... and although the monsoon rains held off until around 11, the high winds were in evidence from the moment the site was opened circa 6 am.

There was a great turn out for the early shift.....

........ but it was slightly disconcerting to see the eternally optimistic Hopski don his sun glasses early doors!

“Cake…….cake…..what about the cake?” I hear you clamour, and indeed there was some! Yes…..Angela did the biz again producing a tasty chocolate cake that went almost as soon as it came- great stuff.

It was another brilliant effort by Angela and the various shifts of helpers who worked wonders in trying conditions to raise the dosh that keeps us going!

On then to Thursday 5th and the first Edgeley Park Working Party....

Well.....there was a magnifcent turn out  , as 19 Help the Hatters supporters spread themselves about around  the stadium.

Team Photo.

3 of the 4 stands got the treatment which on this the first EPWP of the close season meant  clearing up litter left by supporters all around the place!
While Ralph savaged the greenery.......

....the early arrivals tackled the Cheadle End clearing a dozen bags of detritus.....

Others busied themselves in the Danny Bergara Stand.....

The Railway End was not forgotten either and it was just incredible to see the amount of graft put in by the lads....

It fell to Natalie to sort refreshments at break time and this proved just what was required for the 19...

So....overall....the first effort was a brilliant success and all who turned out should be congratulated. We have decided to ease ourselves into the WP close season , limiting WP's to one per week  ( Thursday) for the first week or so. Watch out for hedgegrowers updates for additional information.

So....some dates going forward.....
Help the Hatters EPWP `s every  Thursday from 6pm

The Supporters Cooperative dates to remember are....

Thursday 2 June 2016; County Night at the Beer Festival.( Tickets £2 proceeds to Guardian Account if bought from Coop)
Sunday 4 September 2016: Stockport Hatters Half Marathon, starts 9.30 from 

Hardcastle Road.Details via 

And finally........

Fitzy asked me to include this item, enjoy ! 



Ian Brown


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