Elbow Grease and Scarification !

Well…..momentum is beginning to build and we are hardly a week or so into the current close season!

No matter…..Help the Hatters have been engaged with a purpose inside Edgeley Park starting the process of getting the old place ship shape and ready for another season!

The progress so far has been amazing, and  great credit goes to the 20 or so Help the Hatters supporters who have turned out, and their efforts so far have seen the clean up polished off in a remarkable 2 sessions!

That was simply excellent and we now move onto painting where painting is required , and in this respect plans are in an advanced stage to ensure paint and brushes are in place and ready for the Working Party next Thursday May 19, and at this juncture Help the Hatters would like to thank Paintmaster , Bredbury for there support with the supply of paint!  

And John G along with Alan, David and the Man in a Hat( scarily not wearing one!)  got stuck in with prep work on Monday morning. Alan went into overdrive turning his attention to doing a power clean of the Railway End ( muttering oaths about FCUM  and other recent visitors as he went).

 So it will be ready for Thursdays  first coat of paint ….we need a big turn out ,from 6pm onwards on Thursday  to get the job started!

We had Jim Gannon ,young County player George West and County Director Gary Burton with us this week and very welcome visitors they were too! Jim said a few words and introduced George, to the gathering.
Help the Hatters have agreed to sponsor 2 young County players in the coming season, one of whom is George, in the continuation of our policy of encouraging good young County talent. In this respect the bequest to Help the Hatters by the late Pauline Coddington was most helpful.

We have been talking to the Club and agreed to also support them in the effort to prepare the pitch for the new season and in  addition….the ongoing maintenance of same.

The pitch today ( 16 May 2016)
 You will perhaps be aware that Mike O’Brien of Help the Hatters has been working on the pitch during season 2015/16 and I am sure you will agree that those who worked on the pitch last season did a terrific job ensuring it stood up to many challenging situations. The pitch team   were out today ( Monday) starting the process of preparing the playing surface for season 2016/17, with an initial scarification of same.
I took a quick photo of the gang along with the machinery to be used....

..........and was delighted to note the first hole dug in the pitch was to locate and remove the remnants of the rugby posts!

Yo....the rugby posts go !

The Club has already earmarked moneys to cover the cost of pitch prep and maintenance, but  Help the Hatters would like to support this further , by covering the cost of the provision of one regular pitch worker. 

John Fitzpatrick, Chair of Help the Hatters, has therefore asked me to  invite  supporters to make donations  to Help the Hatters ,if they are able, to help us help the Club ensure the most immaculate playing surface possible is available to Jim’s team come the start of the pre season friendlies. 

In this respect please send cheques, payable to Help the Hatters .... to the Treasurer, 99 Cherry Tree Lane, STOCKPORT,Cheshire.

Donations can also be made direct to the Help the Hatters main account with the Cooperative Bank. Details of the account are....

Sort Code; 08 92 99
A/c no :  65333220

Please quote ` Pitch Donation'  when sending , and accept our thanks for your support.


Ian Brown


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