Help the Hatters Update 70

The 2015/16 season might be winding down somewhat soporifically, but there is nobody sleeping in  Help the Hatters territory as they approach the close season with relish.
The 25 March saw them in action in earnest in the first Car Boot Sale of the year, which of course meant that we would need to be at Booth Street at ridiculous o'clock to ensure the booters could be sited appropriately along with  the punters who are typically keen and usually ready to buy as soon as the first seller is sorted.

There were well over a 100 sellers to deal with and the team, led by Angela Moore, coped marvellously as the whole thing went off without a hitch!

A big thank you then to everyone who turned out for this vital fund raiser which was enlivened by the arrival on scene of Pure FM who broadcast from the Car Boot that morning.....

...................... and a special thank you to Angela who was on top form following the bacon butties and coffees with a fantastic Madiera Cake which was gone in the blink of an eye!

The next Car Boot is May 2nd see you there then, and if you do not want to miss out on the cake and bacon butties, you can volunteer by emailing a wet and windy Wednesday evening  when Fitzy summoned the faithful back to the Car Park for a Litterpick.'s a massive chore, and more than a little irkworthy owing to the total absence of litter bins on site at Booth Street, but we do it because we are responsible people belonging to a responsible organisation, thus we turn out and do our best to tidy the place up.

A mighty turn out of 20 soon to be sodden souls were  already busy when I arrived shortly after the advertised time.

With Mick and Alan making the grass verge look A1 near the entrance to Mercian Way, and Hopsky using his van to ferry detritus' twixt the 20 and the field at the rear,it was all hands to the job of gathering up as much rubbish as we could, before the deluge came....

and come it did with a vengeance the rain and hail lashing down driven by a merciless gale force wind.

That was a good effort by all concerned , so thanks go to all from Help the Hatters.

What next then....... I indicated, no ZZZZZZZZ's will be eminating from supporters of Help the Hatters....

On Saturday 16 April Help the Hatters will be in the Bung pre-match encouraging supporters to continue buying pints of whatever in aid of the Players Fund.

Then.....and this is the one you have been waiting for....the first Edgeley Park Working Party of the close season will start at 6.30pm from the Railway End entrance on Thursday 5 May 2016. John G and Kip have done the recy so we know what we need to do...we just need you there to help us do it.

Onwards from the first WP....there will be further  efforts each Monday and Thursday thereafter until further notice, each starting at 6.30pm.

Let's get our wonderful old stadium looking ship shape again!

Ian Brown


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