With a Salute to the Past ,Help the Hatters Update 70 Looks to the Future !

I got involved with Help the Hatters towards the end of the period when Fitzy’s boys and girls were working major miracles at Manor Farm for the Club and its players- skilled men and women giving their time and valuable expertise gratis to the Club they love, and the less skilled doing what they could when they could- both levels of contributions no less valued than the other. Thankfully, for the ongoing good of the project, my input was limited to a bit of grass mowing and a dab or two here and there of paint on the walls. I was attracted to Help the Hatters because they were `doers’ and not `talkers’ and I am glad to say that that is how the organisation has remained in the years that followed since my Stan Laurel imitations started.

Even Help the Hatters have to pause and talk sometimes though….to coordinate all the good stuff they do…that  happens, not through some magical form of osmosis , but because of forward planning, and last night was forward planning night for the organisation as they met up at the re vamped Fingerpost pub in Offerton.

To set us off on the right foot Treasurer Mike Hopper`s report confirmed that financially speaking we were in a good place. Income from the Lottery was increasing, and proving a valuable source of much needed cash. 

We still need more supporters to sign up to the Lottery via Help the Hatters, which will earn us a significant commission. In this respect please follow this link and fill in this form to give us, and ultimately the Club, another boost.

Mike confirmed that the Players Fund stood now at £4197 after the Supporters Cooperative donation of £500. In this respect Help the Hatters   will be in the Bung on Saturday prior to the Gainsborough game , and we would urge supporters to join us and boost the Players Fund further by buying a pint……a pie, or having a punt on the footy card. Inside the ground the pods are all in place and John Gaskin has confirmed that he will be collecting the proceeds from each pod later on Saturday and adding it to the PF tally, so please support the Players Fund via the pods if you can.
Angela Moore confirmed that dates had been set for the first Car Boot Sales of 2016. These are…Friday 25 March….Monday 2 May and Monday 30 May, so if you plan to help out await Angela’s call or email her your details to  

                                          angelamoore53@ntlworld.com  . 

Oh....and here’s a reminder ,from Angela’s kitchen, of what may await you , along with the bacon buttie and coffee, should you volunteer…

Help the Hatters are acutely aware of the need to get County buzzing again and flying up the football pyramid. We have always strove to support the Club, and successive Managers, to the very best of our abilities, and part of our focus has traditionally been on assisting the Club in helping young players progress.

Last year Pauline Coddington, a hard working long time supporter of Help the Hatters, sadly died.

 Pauline very generously remembered Help the Hatters in her will, and gifted us a sum of money to be spent in our traditional areas of activity.
To support Jim Gannon and the Club therefore we have decided to use Pauline’s bequest to support the immediate futures of up to 2 promising young  players, as may subsequently be identified by  the County Manager-a move that benefits all.

Separately it was decided to sponsor the First Team Kit Bags and the Reserve Team Kit.

It was agreed that Edgeley Park Working Parties ( Mondays & Thursdays)start in early April, and in this respect  John Gaskin and Kip Akram confirmed that they would suss out what jobs needed to be tackled this pre- season.

Anyone wishing to assist us by donating materials ( paint….brushes etc) should please contact John Gaskin at  john_gaskin50@hotmail.com

We have also agreed to continue to support via sponsorship the maintenance materials and pitch machinery being used to help maintain EP in a state fit for purpose.

And.......to encourage supporters to become members of the Bungalow Club, which could play a very useful and significant part in the life of County Supporters in the future.   

      Other decisions taken include…..  1.        A BBQ to be held in the Bung twixt seasons, possibly with players being invited.2.     Social functions to be arranged to coincide with and show Euro 2016 games on 11 June( England/ Russia) and Monday 20 June ( England / Slovakia)                         3..     It was agreed that consideration be given to producing Xmas Jumpers this year. This is dependent on pricing issues.

That’s it for Update 70 then, and as before I confirm that this is nothing other than an account of last nights meeting…..it is not a minute of same.
See you sometime Saturday then hopefully…..and don’t forget please….support the pods inside Edgeley Park …..and buy a pint in the Bung to boost the Players Fund.

Ian Brown


  1. Well done to Help the Hatters. That is impressive indeed.


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