Help the Hatters Update 69

Help the Hatters have been in existence since 2008, when Jim Gannon was in his first term as County Manager. We were delighted to support Jim then, and are equally minded now that, happily, he is back with us “ to complete the job” as he would no doubt opine.

Jim Gannon in 2014 at our Car Boot Sale.
Last night saw Help the Hatters meet to set out their goals for the near future, and the packed room in the Fingerpost pub was alive with enthusiasm to get stuck in and help the Club and its Manager to the fullest extent.

To this end John Fitzpatrick gave a rallying call, first running over the history of 2008 onwards through to the present day, calling on all County fans to unite in assisting Jim to lift the Club from its current parlous position in the football pyramid.
Phil Brennan then advised the meeting that the Non League Magazine, would now ensure that £2 of the £3 purchase price would go to Help the Hatters. So…..this excellent magazine will continue to be on sale at the Bungalow on match days, so please support it…..and Help the Hatters by buying a copy from us!
At this point let me confirm that this account is not a set of minutes from the meeting, but an account of……..a flavour of what went on and was decided. Minutes will follow later, courtesy of Angela Moore.

Mike Hopper gave an optimistic Treasurers Report that led the meeting on to discussing the Players Fund. It was unanimously agreed that we would continue supporting this initiative. It was noted in this respect that a move was afoot  via
 for another big push to boost the fund. In this regard it was noted that Steve Gibbon was actively producing publicity material to back any campaign up. We agreed that any `big push’ would be supported, but our preference was to be circumspect as to when we passed moneys over to the Club. With Jim now in the Manager’s seat however, it was felt that this would not present a problem.

Working Parties   
It was agreed that these be started earlier than we would normally go for, maybe staging some WP’s before the seasons end, to ensure stuff gets done.

The Bungalow.
It was agreed that we would have WP’s to ensure work already done is maintained adequately. In addition it was noted that the Bungalow Club membership was now open, thus we need to ensure we encourage County fans to join the Bung as members, to give us some say in the future running of the place. The £7 annual sub includes free Bung parking ( at £3 a game!) and is definitely affordable.

Car Boot Sales
These are a vital source of income to Help the Hatters, albeit one that is labour intensive. An appeal was made for volunteers to help at the Car Boots, and in this respect the following dates were provisionally agreed upon….25 March/ 2 May/ 30 May.

A `Meet the Manager’ event was agreed upon, to be held at the Bung possibly mid February, which would give fans a chance to meet Jim Gannon. This would be additional to the Clubs `Fans Forum’ on 28 January.

Dave Marchbank on behalf of the Supporters Cooperative, thanked Help the Hatters for their help with the highly successful confirming the intention to stage the race again this year.
On 12 March, after the home game with Gloucester, the Supporters Coop would like to hold a ` Quiz Night’ at the Bung, in support of the Guardian Account. Support was given to this idea.  

So….there you have it……just a brief sketch of Help the Hatters plans.

Want to join us……help out ?

Then let me know by emailing   and I will add you to Help the Hatters mailing list.

Ian Brown


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