Blossoms Star at Community Bonfire !

Bonfire Night 2015 was the focus for hard work and excitement in the Hardcastle Road area of Stockport yesterday. The hard work coming from Help the Hatters with support from the Supporters Cooperative…..the excitement….well…..there was the fire…..the guy… and the fireworks of course, but there was massive excitement generated by the presence at the Bungalow for the Help the Hatters / Supporters Coop Community Bonfire of top UK band- Stockport's own Blossoms.

The lads are no strangers to the Bung having headlined there on one occasion. But whilst their rise in the UK music world has been dramatic, they have never forgotten or forsaken their Stockport roots, and although the NME  took time out to state “ Manchester’s Blossoms offer a lighter take on psychedelia, one that’s steeped in classic Brit Pop song writing” the band themselves through Tom Ogden put the record straight recently with “ We definitely see ourselves as a Stockport band, but we are close to Manchester so we do gigs there, but we were all born in Stockport, and my granddad still runs a scaffolding firm in the town”
Great stuff from a great band,  and they will be in Dublin by the time this item goes out supporting Paul Weller, and at the Band on the Wall on 25 November. 

So….. it was great to see Tom, Charles, Josh, Joe and Myles , last night, and they stayed until the death mixing and chatting happily, which was excellent!
What of the bonfire?

The Crew.......

......job done !

 Well….. Fitzy and company sorted the build at noon, and a massive thanks goes to Hopsky, John G and the two Daves, who did the hard work.
With Barbara, Natalie, Jules and Pat sorting the food, ensuring no one went hungry, and hard working Coop Vice Chair Dave Marchbank on hand to supply an appropriate guy,  by 7pm we were ready to go, and Fitzy did the honours lighting up.

Fitzy gets it going !
The fire was a massive affair….larger than last years by a fair bit, and the redoubtable Ralph had his work cut out to see that the blaze kept going until the end, but he did this brilliantly, still hauling huge pallets onto the fire late on.

Fantastic as usual Ralph!

Blossoms prepare to light first firework !
Blossoms lit the first firework getting into the spirit of the event nicely, and with John G in charge thereafter a really excellent display followed courtesy of the Supporters Cooperative.

So……the Community Bonfire was another massive success., having attracted 200 to the Bung – a neat mix of families , and others…County Supporters mainly, but not exclusively…there were a good few of the neighbours from SK3 about the place and enjoying themselves too!

Here’s to the next one then, but before that …..tomorrow, at 11 am we are looking for volunteers to help us clean up the area around the Bung. If you could spare us an hour then tomorrow, Saturday 7 November, please meet at the Bung at 11am. Thank you in advance for your help with this!
Later tomorrow, before the Chorley game, Help the Hatters will be in the Bung and you are invited to come and drink in the uniquely warm County atmosphere before going to the game. Every pint drunk puts 50p in the Players Fund, and you might win the football card!

Could we draw your attention to the Players Fund Pods positioned in and around Edgeley Park. These provide a vital staple of consistent income for the PF, so please contribute if you can.

Late Flash.....Also in the Bung tomorrow .....

The clock is counting down for SCAN's biggest reunion yet, when the heroes of 1972-73 will meet again for the first time in 43 years, at next week's game against Tamworth.

After the game, the men 'who beat Palace and West Ham too' will move down Hardcastle Road to The Bungalow for what is sure to be a memorable and emotional occasion.

Thirteen players have already confirmed their attendance, including no fewer than NINE of the eleven who beat the Hammers on the never-to-be-forgotten night when Edgeley Park shook to it's foundations!

To set the ball rolling SCAN have produced a brilliant 24-page brochure that tells the story of that glorious campaign, which will be on sale tomorrow.

Priced at just £2, 100% of the profit will be used to fund the reunion, so the support of every County fan would be much appreciated.

The magazine will be on sale in The Bungalow and the County Club Shop.

Ian Brown 

And now an additional Gallery , the first batch are some real belters from Simon George....

and some more from me......


  1. "Passion - not fashion", he told me, and so it made me smile to read that the 'men who beat the Hammers' are still celebrated to this day. So they should be. We remember it too. You know how (if you are old enough) you are meant to remember where you were when you learned Kennedy was shot? When you learned Diana was killed? Well, it is like that for us. A grassy knoll in Dallas... An underpass in Paris.... A rainy night in Stockport...

    I met Simon in a pub in Paisley. West Ham were on the telly. He mentioned the rainy night, and 'Iain Dowie', and those things are enough for any of us Hammers to recall the name 'Stockport County'. I think Simon was surprised. Us Hammers still talk about it, on our own blogs and in person when we meet.

    I'm a West Ham fan for the same generic reasons that you are a Stockport County fan. The details are different: The players, the divisions, the (all too occasional) trophies - are different, but so much is the same - family, friends, place, tradition.

    So come on Stockport - get back to where you'd like to be - wherever that is. I hear it rains often in Cheshire, and the fans sing all night.

  2. Thanks WHTID , I have spread your comments around the fan base and they were very well received, by County supporters!
    There is much that should serve to unite football supporters of whatever allegiance ,but sadly not always does.
    The 90`s County v West Ham was a high in the County story, remembered fondly and with the odd lump in the throat, as one of this mornings responders on FB said.
    Iain Dowie played against us a fair few times after that game and always got on well with the County fans.
    Lots of lows experienced since by us, but my fondest memories are of just such lows....taking 2500 to the last game of the season at Norwich.....having the keeper sent off within 40 seconds....losing....but hearing Norwich fans sing " there's only one Stockport County" loudly and for a long time, was another `lump in throat' moment.
    Regarding West Ham....I would be interested to know your views regarding your imminent move away from Upton Park, after so many years to the Olympic Stadium.
    Good luck for the remainder of the season meanwhile.
    Ian B

  3. I should have mentioned that County were already relegated when they went to Norwich in the game mentioned.

  4. "Fondest memories are the lows" - Is there such a thing as an inverted glory hunter? I know exactly what you mean. When the question is asked "Where were you when we were shit?" I know my answer, and I'm happy with it. I like that the Norwich fans sang for you. There is a special schadenfreude in football reserved for the over-entitled fans of certain clubs when they fail, but a general universal respect for those who keep the faith at the vast majority. Know also that over the course of those 90's cup ties with you we had much respect for your fans. We are having a good year, with wins over Citeh, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea already. It pisses us off to read in the papers the next day the story of the failings of the big club - no mention of how well we played. Over those two fixtures in the 90's you clearly deserved the win - it wasn't about our failings. We redeem ourselves with the thought that we have lost to much much worse team than Stockport County. I will always remember the tie particularly because I watched with my Grandad, and he is my West Ham hero.

    Yes, we are moving. I don't want to go. I love Upton Park. It is full of memories for me. I don't believe the move will make my club 'kick on' - only new owners with big budgets can do that. I don't even know that I want that so much. Yes, it will add 20,000 to our gate (maybe), but in the Premier League gate receipts are but a fraction of income, so it won't make a real difference to the fortunes of the club. What I hope it does is bring the club in to the realms of affordability for those fans who currently cannot afford - and if it does then for that reason alone it is worthwhile, but in the end I don't want to go because I cannot take him with me. My club is for those with passion for it - just like yours - and I don't know how I would feel if fortune stopped hiding and we suddenly found it, and gained plastic fans for the first time.

    Best of luck to Stockport County. Proper club. Proper fans.


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