Help the Hatters Update 65

July saw Help the Hatters attention turn back to Edgeley Park as Working Party`s were doubled up on Mondays and Thursday at the stadium.

Pic- D Berry.

More specifically it was the Cheadle End which received the bulk of our attentions- the lower tiers requiring a lick or two of paint, a fact which gives me the excuse to indulge in another of my, pretentious git moments ,by inserting midst this Update, a poem by Joanna Fuchs, entitled `How to Paint a Wall'.....

                                                      While I went off to work one day,
                                                      She decided to paint the wall.
                                                      And when I came back home that night,
                                                      She was curled into a ball.

                                                     Her eyes were closed, she was breathing hard,
                                                     Her hair was very wet.
                                                     From her head to the tips of her pretty toes,
                                                     She was covered all in sweat.

A good number laid into replenishing the yellow and grey on the aisles , and amongst those happily engaged in this activity were 3 generations of the Turner family....Gilbert, Craig, Katie & Charlie ....all County fans, and absolutely determined to keep Edgeley Park in prime condition!

                                                         She was wrapped in a jacket made of down,
                                                          With a fur coat on top of that.
                                                          The wall was glowing with new, fresh paint;
                                                          On the floor, the paint can sat.

Pic D Berry.
It was not all yellow and grey...the Oxford Blue got some as well, and Ralph and Biggles laid into the cabin twixt Pop Side & Cheadle End, with a will.

                                                       "Sweetheart!" I cried, with a worried look,
                                                        "Are you all right, my dear?"
                                                         She lazily opened her lovely eyes,
                                                         And smiled from ear to ear.

Pic D Berry.

Kip ,during all this, was busy on the Main Stand and  Ground Control Box, and was soon joined , on Thursday by Ralph who was rapidly engaged replacing rotting timbers on the Box exterior with some decent materials.

                                                          "I knew I could do it," she said with a grin;
                                                           "I followed the paint can notes.
                                                            It clearly said 'For best results,
                                                            Be sure to put on two coats.'"

The Cheadle End continued to get the treatment in the days following, but the Main Stand was by no means neglected with Pat & Jules cleaning vast areas impressively, 

in full view of Alan & Darren who set to work on the safety lines in the Main Stand, completing the job magnificently in EPWP12 .

Off they go.....

....and here`s the magnificent result !

The pitch meanwhile was under repair , and on Sunday I can report that ,with the patches removed, it looked a picture , for the most part, but distinctly less so at the Cheadle End where considerable wear was in evidence in some areas still.

EPWP 12 continued with the Cheadle End, and Main Stand areas, but also turned their hand to the Cheadle End Bar with a view to replacing the sky blue wall coverings with a more appropriate County Blue . You can see from the Team pic that it looks good!

Onto Sunday 12th, and an early start for the latest Help the Hatters Car Boot Sale at the Booth Street Car Park.
Angela`s appeals for helpers worked a treat , as we were mob handed well before 7 o'clock , the allotted start time.

Unfortunately the weather was a bit of a beast and rather kept the number of booters down, which made for a relatively light mornings work, but hit takings.

Angela is to be congratulated however for another well organised event, and she advises that the next Car Boots will be on 2nd and 31st August 2015, so make a note in your diary.

Now then......the important stuff.....

Talking Cake.

We are all familiar with the alleged words of Marie Antoinette , you know...the `let them eat cake' bit. Well little known to the nation  that`s Angela`s catch phrase too and having thrilled the Car Boot volunteers with her date &walnut number last time out, produced another belter, after the bacon butties this time.
Yes......we are talking Madeira my dear, and it went down a treat.

Asked what the secret ingredient was this time Angela replied " A little lemon and a lot of love!"
I am not sure what cookery magic Angela has in store for us next time( 2 August), but if you want to find out, why not volunteer to help on the day, preferably on the late shift ( 10 am till 1.30) by ringing her on 07867856394

And Finally.....

Every Monday and Thursday from 6pm , Help the Hatters have been working hard to ensure that the fabric of OUR STADIUM is maintained in as close to pristine condition as possible.
The tasks involved are not incredibly difficult, but do demand a modest amount of commitment, and I commend wholeheartedly every single one of the Help the Hatters contingent, who have given their time willingly, when other ....easier options proliferate like idle promises at election time.
So...please....please consider joining us at some point after 6pm  either ( or both) days, between now and the first league game.
We really do need , and would greatly appreciate, your help.

Stronger Together..........................DEFINITELY !

Ian Brown


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