The Morning After...................

There cannot have been many clear heads about SK3 this morning....the morning after the news came through that Stockport Council, subject to the usual due diligence, had agreed to purchase Edgeley Park from Brian Kennedy`s Cheshire Sports.

The blog hails this as an excellent deal with winners all over the place.

The Council gets a valuable asset....the Community keeps this iconic landmark in its midst continuing to generate business in the locality, and a hub for community activity, whilst the Club and its magnificent supporters  get a measure of added security that will enable them to concentrate on the football going forward.

It does not negate the need for  good management practises to continue in the running of the Club, but it does put a little wind in the metaphoric sails  of those engaged in the process .

Early doors today Supporters Cooperative Chair Pete Towey was out and about around Hardcastle Road.......

....being joined by a clutch of real County fans in no time.

The arrival of Steve Bellis on the scene presented another photo opportunity .....

as the Coop Chair and the Clubs Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors, shook hands .

They were on site due to the imminent arrival of a TV crew from ITV , who were eager to interview the Club and the Supporters.

Inside the ground it was time for the County contingent to  be prepped ahead of the interview.......

Several takes later.....the job was done....

..........Steve Bellis had expressed satisfaction at the result of many months of hard work that culminated in last night`s news, and Pete Towey, for the Supporters Coop declared himself delighted at the outcome, that was 100% in the interest of Stockport County and its supporters. was off to Morrissons for me after that, to purchase a cake for consumption at tonight`s Help the Hatters EP Working Party. 
Why not join us ( from 6pm ) and  help us preserve this wonderful stadium of ours!

Oh.....and the TV should be on ITV in the bulletin either at 1.30 today or 6.00.

Ian Brown


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