Meet the Manager- A Report inc Audio.

With Glenn Rule, fresh from  Europa League preparation, signing on the dotted line and rumours rife, on social media, regarding umpteen other possibly similar geographical relocations, it was entirely appropriate that County Supporters had an opportunity to hear ,first hand, from Manager Neil Young, , and his team, the latest situation regarding  the Club.

And so to the Bungalow on Hardcastle Road tonight, where Neil, backed by Steve Bellis, Assistant Manager Gary Jones, Carl Garner, Alex Hay, and County Legend Mike Flynn, set forth in precise detail what was what.

Over120 County fans listened intently to  a  nicely reasoned offering from N Y, who did not flinch from touching on difficult decisions taken in the interest of the Club.

 The Management team are working hard behind the scenes to bring players into the Club that have experience and residual value as well, the key being character! If a players hasn`t got it he aint being signed!

Head of Recruitment Carl Garner followed Neil and underlined NY`s emphasis on recruiting the correct type of player, but Carl indicated, as did NY later, that youth`s input will not be neglected.

Most of the top table said a few words, before questions were taken , which I must say gave a really full picture as to the approach of the team.
Do not take my word for it though....go to the following Vital link where the whole 52 minutes of the session are faithfully recorded......

Vital Link to Meet the Manager  

The formal part of proceedings sorted, the Management team then mingled and chatted to all and sundry.

Birthday girl Lisa Braithwaite with husband Les !
I left around 9.30 to get this item out there, but I must say huge congratulations are due particularly to Fitzy and his Help the Hatters team, for putting on ,with the Supporters Cooperative, such an excellent event, which will have raised good money for the Players Fund.

Fitzy`s team take 5 pre- `do' in the Beer Garden.
Can you wait for the start of the season?   No....neither can I , but before I sign off ,I will point out that Help the Hatters underlined their relationship with County Lottery, and recent sponsorship of same, with a neat re-launch at the Bung last night, which highlighted the drive to get County Supporters to help Help the Hatters and the Club by committing to a monthly standing order of £4.33 ! If done through Help the Hatters this earns us a significant commission, so please consider getting behind this initiative!

And....finally...a massive thank you to Vital for the invaluable help in getting all 50 odd minutes of last night`s event on here, and remember for future that every visit to Vital Stockport earns Help the Hatters income ....just a visit, and Vital are on this blogs list of favourite sites and are thus just an easy click away !

Ian Brown


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