Help the Hatters Update 63 and 2nd Annual Blog Stat Blast !

I never needed Bob Geldoff`s advice ,even for a moment.
Monday`s are and have always been an awful experience generally speaking, but I am guessing that this week, it will not only be the Greek and Euro politico`s that will be smiling as a result of what went on on Monday 22 June 2015. County supporters will be buoyed by the great news that Stockport Council are to purchase Edgeley Park thereby guaranteeing Stockport County  a measure of stability going forward.

There was a definite buzz in the air as the EPWP started to assemble circa 6pm, with announcements to digest from all sources.
As if reflecting the day`s news...the pitch looked a blooming picture.

We had 16 on site again and the numbers soon fanned out in response to John G`s plan of action. 
The main stand got some more close attention being well and truly  hoovered, with the odd touch up of paint thrown in. Another touch up, of the front aisle is pending, but awaits an imminent power clean .
There was a decent number spread out on the Pop Side, putting some grey on the aisles.......

.......continuing the clean up behind the stand.......

Rubbish !

and......replacing the dull black paint on the soon to be utilised building that has languished in a welter of cobwebs and rubbish for seasons prior to now......

Blue on Black.

Yes......the area now has a first coat of blue and looks terrific. Over to you Mr Bellis!  

In all this action , the Cheadle End was not totally forgotten, as taking time off from priming the Safety Officers Unit, Kip joined forces with Graham to add a little colour to the UT1 wall. I think you will agree not a bad move.......

Captain Fantastic !

So....lots done again, and we will be at EP again this Thursday and then every Monday and Thursday for 3  weeks thereafter, and we really would appreciate more help! 
Please make it down to EP from 6 pm if you can - the work really is worth doing!
 The previous Thursday had seen the last Bung WP for a few weeks as the focus switched to Edgeley Park, and we had a healthy 17 on site to do the biz .

With a need for the back wall painting to be progressed with speed ,most of our number concentrated on this aspect, feet remaining at ground level barring those of Biggles who shinned up a nearby ladder and polished off the upwards extremities!

Still stuff to do....some colour to be added....but it can wait a while!
Steve, Alan and  Ed continued the cull of the surrounds to the bowling green..

..............Kip tootled around painting the rims of sundry tables , with the bowling match preventing him from getting to grips with the bowling hut veranda.
Oh.....and what of Ralph? Well he was up a ladder too, and making light work of re-roofing  the out house . A work in progress this, I will report further later.

And now......some news about this blog...........hedgegrower season 2014/15

During 2014/15 the blog averaged well over 10000 page views per month, the figures showing a heartening rise in readership!

Total Page Views ( since June 2013)   :      227700

           2013/14 :  105000          2014/15 ;   122700

Who`s reading us( by Country) ?
Page Views                              2014/15                2013/14
   1.                          UK            98683                  85509  ( 1 )
   2.                          USA           9801                    9147     (2)
   3.                        Germany      1837                      574      ( 5)
   4.                        Ukraine        1697                      396       (9)
   5.                         France         1254                      535       ( 7)  
   6.                        Turkey          877                         -          ( -)
   7                          Russia         822                        383      ( 10 )
   8.                         Australia     628                        839        ( 4)
   9.                          Spain         507                         959        ( 3)
10.                         Canada        280                         561       (6)

Traffic Sources......

Top Source again......

                                             2014/15                    2013/14

1.    Marionsboard              81964                        39371( 1)
2.    Google                           6365                        1661 (3)
3.    Yellowboard                  4329                         2899 (2)
4.    County Heaven             2306                          582  ( 6)
5.    Twitter                          1759                          1011 (4)
6.    Facebook                      1295                          1010 ( 5)
7.    Vital                                899                          -        (-)

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So....that`s all for now, lets now see if we can build on yesterday`s good news, starting with a big turn out at Edgeley Park at 6pm on Thursday.

Ian Brown


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