Help the Hatters Update 62

After the buzz and excitement of Thursday`s `Meet the Manager' event at the Bung, it was back down to earth with a bang for Help the Hatters who ....come 05.00 ....or there abouts....on Sunday morning, were re focusing their attentions elsewhere. was the latest Car Boot Sale organised by Angela Moore for Help the Hatters.
Now.....Angela is meticulous in terms of pre planning this hugely important event in the Help the Hatters calendar, and always checks the site  at Booth Street out a day or two prior to the meeting to check that everything is in order. You know the score.....toilets aren`t locked......the site is secure etc ....etc.
Well ...all seemed well this time around but..... come 06.00 on Sunday imagine our shock on gaining entry to the site to find that the aforementioned toilets were no more....

The aftermath courtesy of Johnny Yobbo....

well ......that`s not quite fact....there was a mysterious turquoise blue mass  midst an even greater area of fire damage that turned out to be the remains of the porter-loo type facility after it had been torched by some mindless moron  who had doubtless gained entry to the site via the gaps in the fencing which the Council have not sorted.

That mysterious turquoise blue mass formerly the loo !
It seems to me that it makes no sense at all to employ someone in high viz garb to lock the place up, when so doing is rendered entirely useless if Johnny Yobbo can trot in via the gaps in the fencing( which I might add Help the Hattters, in the shape of the redoubtable Ralph, endeavoured to cover with temporary materials when we did the litter pics.....and ...oh yes....there are still no litter bins on site!).

Early Gate Crew Action shot.

Despite the inconvenience( pun definitely intended) to punter...booter and us....the Car Boot went ahead and ,with over 90 sellers, and dozens of punters, neatly positioned on site the event again went off well raising a decent sum which will be spent wisely by Help the Hatters.
David contemplates flying off to Lanzarote on Monday ! this point I include the first of what I trust will be a regular feature of these Car Boot Reports......`Cake Talk'
If you do not help out as part of Angela`s team, you will regularly miss out on this treat( and quite right too!). At about 10ish the kindly organiser( having already earlier dispensed the bacon butties, coffees, teas etc  , gratis, to all and sundry), can often be seen fetching  the results of her recent baking session out to supplement our early morning diet. This week it was a `Date, Walnut and Other Stuff Cake' and was an absolute belter.
I was too slow in asking for more, and this was what I was faced with....

To see what your missing, and maybe  get some of this, give Angela a ring on  07867856394 and volunteer to help out at the next Car Boot on 12 July!

First shoots showing !

Onwards then....24 hours to Monday evening  and the third Edgeley Park Help the Hatters Working Party, and at 6pm we had no less than 16 on site ready to go.

The main grouping went to finish off the clean on the main stand.
Kip tackled the Safety Officers Abode, another set off for the Pop Side .

Also heading Pop Side Way were a team of four  who had orders to `make the curious collection of cobwebs and rubbish in the area just beyond the Pop Side , between it and the Cheadle End. ship shape'

This was no small task .......

.......but the hardy task force did the job admirably, my companions compensating brilliantly for the  unaccountable happenstance of my brush seeming to actually deposit dust on the floor as opposed to clear it!In the end the walls were brushed and sandpapered long with all railings, the gutters were cleared of clag to make it ready for a much needed coat of blue!

After the usual break for a brew, work went on for a while and  another decent  evenings work had been  sorted.

The next Working Party action is on Thursday 18th at the Bung , so head there for 6 or thereabouts and join us!

As far as next week is concerned the focus will switch to Edgeley Park thus the Working Party`s next week will both be at the stadium

                           Monday 22 June    6pm

                           Thursday 25 June  6 pm

There is but a short time before County host the first pre-season friendly( v Halifax)on 18 July, so there is a growing urgency to the need to do the biz at the stadium, so please consider joining us if you can!

And finally........

The Stockport County Supporters Cooperative flagship  Stockport Hatters Half Marathon  which hits the streets and trails of Stockport on September 6 at 09.30 am, has clocked up 100 entries in a rediculously short time.
The Blog congratulates Race Director John Giles , whilst reminding runners that they can find all the details on the race they might need  via

If you want to help out on the day however, contact John on

Ian Brown


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