Help the Hatters Update 61( Bongaloo....Bungalow.......)

From time to time, usually when I am in `pretentious git mode’, ( see Updates 34 & 38 if you insist on examples) I have resorted to including the odd poem or two in my offerings, and …yes….you guessed it…..the moods on me again and the latest update starts and ends with efforts by  Spike Milligan…..

The opener then…… The Bongaloo…….

`What is a Bongaloo, Daddy?’
`A Bongaloo, Son’ I said
`Is a tall bag of cheese
Plus a Chinaman`s knees
And the leg of a nanny goat’s eye’

`How strange is a Bongaloo , Daddy?’
 `As strange as strange’ I replied
`When the suns in the west
It appears in a vest
Sailing out on the noonday tide’

`What shape is a Bongaloo, Daddy?’
` The shape, my son, I`ll explain
It’s tall round the nose
which continually grows
In the general direction of Spain’

As contrived links go that one is pretty iffy, but from Bongaloo it is but a short hop to Bungalow…..the Bungalow on Hardcastle Road, where last Thursday Help the Hatters had getting on for 20 out doing their stuff to make the place A1.

It was mainly painting this time as the bulk of those present slapped the white masonry on the back wall. It was a decent effort but there is still some to do before other elements can be added to make the wall something special.

Fitzy busied himself inside getting the Bung ready for the visit of Neil Young on the 11 June, Kip made a start on the railings next to the Bowling Green hut, whilst Ed set about the far side of the green clearing a fair bit of unwanted stuff from thereabouts.

`What about Ralph?’ I hear you cry…..well…. he emerged with a huge power saw and dispatched a multitude of large planks in no time - it was clear that another innovative project was underway! It emerged later that another table had  emerged, and if you nip around the back of the Bung you can see it….not finished quite….requiring to have the moveable canopy added, but another Ralph triumph none the less.

On to this Monday and it was back to Edgeley Park for the second EP Working Party of the current close season and we had 17 in tow for the occasion which saw us spread ourselves out over the Danny Stand and the Railway End in determined fashion.

 It was another litter pick and another small mountain of stuff was removed( yes even from the Directors Box) prior to a power clean that should have the Danny stand just
requiring the lightest of paint touch up jobs to see it sorted!

Not sure about the Railway End, but it was given a fair old clean up with the weather staying good for the duration.

Next week then it’s more of the same…..

Monday  15 June( 6pm)   Edgeley Park Working Party. Meet Railway End Entrance.

Thursday 18 June ( 6 pm) Bungalow Working Party.

Before that though…. this Thursday 11 June ( 7.30 for 8pm) at the Bung there`s the `Meet the Manager Event set up by Help the Hatters and the Supporters Cooperative. The top table will include Mike Flynn and NY`s back room staff. This is the first opportunity County supporters will have had to get a close up view of Neil Young the Club`s new Manager, and it’s a chance not to miss. It’s also an opportunity for supporters to boost the Players Fund via the purchase of pies or a go on the football card, as well as a brilliant chance to support Help the Hatters who will be selling lottery tickets, more specifically looking for commitments to standing order payments. A standing order for just £4.33 a month sees you in with a chance of winning the £2000 weekly prize or one of a myriad of smaller values, and set up through Help the Hatters that commitment also brings Help the Hatters a significant commission that will enable us to keep doing what we do!

 Be assured….we will spend the money wisely!

So see you Thursday at the Bung then, and if you cannot make it then the blog will have it covered !

Ah……`Where’s the second Spike Milligan gem?’ I hear you implore anxiously.

And …completely iffy link free……here it is…..

You Must Never Bath in Irish Stew !

You must never bath in an Irish Stew
It’s a most illogical thing to do
But should you persist against my reasoning
Do not fail to add the appropriate seasoning!

Ian Brown    


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