Help the Hatters Update 54

Well another Xmas came and went.....the world continued to turn, and Help the Hatters quickly rolled their sleeves up again and got to work.
At the moment, the focus of their efforts remains the Bungalow, and it has to be reported that the work is progressing really well.
I could not make it until 8 p.m on Thursday and was unable to help out at the Working Party, but it was great to see, when I arrived that though numbers were down the quality was on the up, as first off I spotted Simon and Darren busily painting the problem wall!

They were in good spirits and even better form and work is well under way now down that side of the Bung.
The worst part for us to tackle has always been the area of damp nearest Hardcastle Road. We have been waiting for the results of the Vicar`s spadework on the exterior to take effect, before getting stuck into this element, but this was what the redoubtable Kip did, whilst my back was turned. What a great job he did as well. I have taken a snap or two and here`s one..........

                                                ...............................but it does not do the work justice!
Not content with the above Kip laid into the railings and skirts around the bar.....” Faux Fir” the lad said in response to my query as to the paint used( sort of a mauve)- yes.....the place is starting to look the part!

What`s happening next?

Well......the next Working Party will be on Tuesday morning at 10 a.m ,so if you can.....please join us and lend a hand!
Jobs still to be done.......more paint on the problem wall which is looking less and less of a problem each day.....some skirts still to do( not many though) as we get closer and closer to the final act in the Working Party Calender- the dance floor, but that will not be next Tuesday, although sometime during that day our freshly minted curtains will go up, hopefully giving the place an even better look!

New curtains pre- machining!

Why the urgency?

Well....on Saturday 7 February, we will be celebrating the exploits of County`s Cup Warriors from season 1964/65, who will be in the Bung after the match for a special SCAN Presentation Ceremony. 

Derek Hodgkinson celebrates his goal  v Bristol Rovers!
Amongst the certificates being presented are those for  ....Ken Mulhearn,Derek Hodgkinson, Peter Phoenix, Ian Sandiford, Frank Beaumont, Len White, Chris Lawler, and a relative of John Nibloe will be present to receive his.

News from the Supporters Cooperative.  

The first tranche of shares are due to be transferred to the Supporters Coop on 20th, which is great news following all the hard work on the Players Fund, which continues to be well supported.

With the Players Fund catering for the NOW........the Supporters Cooperative are looking to safeguard the future with the launch this weekend of the Guardian Account. The members at the  recent AGM instructed the Board to transfer £10000 into the Guardian Account from general funds, and with thought of what Wrexham and Swansea did with similar scheme`s , I for one have great hopes that the GA  will serve Stockport County supporters well and ultimately secure the Club`s future!
Part of the fund raising effort for the Guardian Account may well be the `Hatters Half Marathon’ which the Supporters Cooperative are hoping to promote in either September or October of this year. Licences and permissions are currently being sought- watch this space!

Ian Brown


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