The Budget....the Fund........and Help the Hatters.

It`s fair to say that there has been a great deal of debate raging on the message boards recently about County`s plight as they languish for a second season in Division 6. Much of it has been about the urgent need to gain promotion , and just how likely the current level of Alan Lord`s playing budget is to see that goal achieved.
Consensus I think, is that a budget slightly down on last season, even accounting for some expensive departures, hardly measures up  to the task, thus the idea of setting up a fund to support the playing budget was born. In truth it`s not that original an idea, as Help the Hatters have been  engaged in just this activity for a while now, evidence the ground breaking deal that brought Rhys Turner to the Club.

Rhys is now with Oldham Athletic in Division 3, and County have a nice fee in the bank as a consequence, with Help the Hatters getting their money back. Original or not the idea of another, perhaps supplementary fund  took flight and County supporters have not been slow to commit .
Originally the idea was mooted that the new fund should attempt to interest the Club in matching any new contribution by the fans fund. Whether this aspect ultimately is a goer remains to be seen ,and  matters like this will be decided by whoever is charged with managing the fund, but it does seem a reasonable approach to me!
Meanwhile , Help the Hatters have agreed to place a dedicated account at the funds disposal, to receive donations. In this respect it is worth pointing out that the `donate' buttons on and  pay directly into that account.
Whilst steering well clear of what has been a lively on line debate on the matter, Help the Hatters are happy to continue helping Alan Lord and thus the Club, in striving to get out of our current division. There are some excellent people running some equally excellent football clubs in the Conference North, and we are in it because we very much deserve to be in it , but there is some urgency about the need for us to be heading for our rightful home in the FL again, and this fund is one step in the right direction!
In conclusion let me say that this piece is intended to be merely a brief outline of what Help the Hatters position is relative the fund idea,laced with a few personal views from myself. For a more substantial and authoritative picture, prime mover Steve Gibbons( Saint Savior) is your man!

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