Supporters Cooperative Comedy Night!

Allowing myself a rare moment of honesty.....I must admit that I felt , that with the World Cup still on, the brave call , by the Stockport County Supporters Cooperative, to stage a Comedy Night at Edgeley Park, stood more than a slight chance of going base over apex!
How wrong I was!
Billy Byrne vetting arrivals affably!

I arrived at E.P circa 7.15( ticket said doors open 7.30) to be greeted by Billy Byrne ,Supporters Coop Board Member (  M.O.M and goal scorer, in blog article `Dream' some months back), who was acting as bouncer!
I was affably  bounced inside to find that , far from being deserted the tables were already peopled quite substantially.

Compere- Mike Wilkinson.
It was after 8 before things started in earnest with compere Mike Wilkinson opening the show in lively fashion. Mike had a likeably informal style as he drew his audience fully into his routine, before introducing the evening`s first headliner Mike Newell.

Mike Newell.
Mike was obsessional about weddings  ,in particular being a guest at same, and only slightly less so about Ping Pong in Taiwan, upon which I will not dwell!

Justin Moorhouse holds sway!

If Mike`s delivery hinted at a young performer starting out, there was no such illusion available when the top of the bill took to the stage.
From the moment Justin Moorhouse took the mike , you could see a pro was at work. He had a nice tweak on the  racist issue , which was  good to see,  although his later suggestion of introducing kangaroos to Mersey Square might prove a none starter! 
 Justin was the only one of the 3 performers to `have a go` at prowling blog hack Nigel Farago ( our man with a blunt pencil and a crass line in repartee) winning more plaudits!

Justin rounds on Nigel Farago!

After wishing the Coop and County well at the end of his spot, Justin got a rousing reception ,as Mike Wilkinson took stage again to handle the raffle which, with numerous prizes including a flat screen TV, topped £ 300 ,and the auction of memorabilia which netted in advance of £1000-the star piece of the night the framed "66 SV Hamburg" poster started with a pre-bid of £250, fetched well over £400.

So....on with the auction.......
To say that the evening was a success and fully justified the Supporters Cooperative`s initiative, is to substantially under state it, it was a resounding success with over 130 well pleased with their evening!
Asked to comment this morning Coop Board Member and  Events Organiser, Dave Marchbank said
"The Co-op Comedy event Will go down as a very memorable night.
I thought that there  was a very decent turnout, and the Comedians and Compere were superb making  the event  a massive success."  

Will there be another one? That`s not for this blog to speculate on, but this one was a definite belter! Congratulations to all involved in organising this event, and all who supported it!

IO County
Ian Brown

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