Help the Hatters Update 34

                                           Edgeley Park Working Party 4

Thick layers or a thin varnish?
Used to protect or to decorate?
Will it scuff or crack or tarnish?
As thoughts of paint will sure create-

The above comes from a poem by InkdropK a first time poet. I rather liked it...not too deep..... not that pretentious!
Last night , you will now guess, was a night for painting, and it has to be said that most of us who regularly turn up for the E.P. Working Party`s, have now graduated and moved on from our earlier Jackson Pollock period , and , are striving to join  Kip Akram  in Class Rembrandt.  
There was early encouragement as it was noted that Graham Atkinson had painted the flag poles, so skilfully taken down by Carl Whitehirst in WP3.They looked terrific ,and will be magnificent when the flags return from their spring clean and pole and flag are in place again in the stadium.

 Memories in which we lose ourselves
Pictures of past and present fate
Pots of paint piled on shelves
Acrylic dreams of fragile state

There was a really good response last night with 22 willing bodies doing service on site from  the appointed start time( 18.30).Leyland Oxford Blue was the order of the day for Kip and 2 others who set about painting the corridor in the dressing room area, whilst the main body filled their pots with sombre grey to continue work on the Danny Bergara Stand gangways .

Work Starts on Danny B Stand

Every gangway had a Hatter working away on was impressive stuff!

Julie starts final prep on Pop Side!

And yet paint can be used
To cover our flaws
Or start all fresh and new
Paint will cover the cracks in our walls
So: grey, yellow or blue? 

Big Fudges Pop Side reinforcements !

There were new faces with us as well and of course I have forgotten their names ,and I hope they will forgive me, and they did a truly excellent job particularly with the Disabled Section which received a welcome coat of `yer sombre grey!

Great work on Disabled Section and beyond!
In addition, early starter Julie Clegg set about prepping the last two sections of the Pop Side for painting . Julie was joined by County Heaven`s Big Fudge and his trusty team and it was `jobs a good `un' in no time!

Alan Lord and Team Working Party 4

Alan Lord joined us at  break time  , after completing his days work, and it was the second time in 2 Working Party`s that Alan had taken time out like this ,and it was well received by all, as was a message of support sent by County Director Richard Park!
It will be the same again next week...18.30 start. There will be someone painting the corridor in the dressing room area so ,if the Players Entrance is a difficulty, make your way to the side entrance near the away end for admittance! Hope to see you there...oh...and if anyone has any paint brushes to spare, we just about had enough last night  

Next Car Boot Sale - Sunday 22 June

Yes.......Angela has been at it again and organised another one of these massively popular fund raising events. They are also greatly labour intensive affairs , so if you can help, any time between start time 06.00 and 13.00 please let Angela know on  07536092206 or via

900 Hits Short of 100000 in 12 Months with 1 day to go!

Yes....... it looks like the blogs first year will end with falling just short of 100,000 page views- these totalling 99007 earlier this morning. It has been an interesting  year, and the blog writers have tried to keep pace with everything that is happening in this great Club of ours. Highlight for me was the `Sea of Blue' march-

Sea of Blue....historic stuff!
 a landmark moment in our history. I can promise you more good stuff ( and my match reports also)as we move on, and I would like to thank all our readers for their support. In this respect , I have not totally given up on my dream of 100k , so if you can encourage a mate to visit the site TODAY please it would be really appreciated!


You will no doubt have heard about the suggestion , on Marionsboard and other sites, that a fund be started with the idea of supplementing the Playing Budget . Help the Hatters already have such a fund and I understand that conversations are advancing between Help the Hatters and the fund ideas prime mover , to make this idea a runner. Meanwhile I would point you towards the donate buttons on both this blog and  http://helpthe ensure that moneys head into Help the Hatters account, and these will end up in said fund, should you wish to donate. Meanwhile further...firmer detail will be passed on when available.

IO County.

Ian Brown


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