Help the Hatters Update- Rhys Turner.

An update on the situation following the departure of Rhys Turner to Oldham.
Help the Hatters are proud of the part they played in bringing such a talented player to the Club- a move that has brought financial reward to County and helped the player progress.
You will recall that Help the Hatters covered the player`s wages throughout his time with us- a high risk move in many people`s opinion.
I am however happy to confirm that  the deal concluded with Oldham allows for full recompense to be made to Help the Hatters for their outlay in the matter - so I can confirm that fears that we would not be treated fairly following Rhy`s departure look ,happily, to be unfounded.
With HtH having the coffers replenished we are able to look to further support a young player in the future and so support Stockport County.
The format established with this deal does look strong and certainly worth doing again- hopefully with the same guarantees as far as cash out /back is concerned in place
I hope this update has been of interest to you.

Ian Brown


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