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EP today at 2.50
To those across the globe patiently awaiting a report of Stockport County v Vauxhall Motors, I extend to you an apology.
It appears that my `Dream’ was a week too soon, as the game was called off this morning around 10 o`clock, despite there being some 5 hours remaining to k.o time.....both teams being local and thus not needing an early call, and the sun being out at the time.....since......and forecast to continue!
Railway End 2.48 today.

This was colossally bad news as a party of potential investors were in town to do what potential investors do, and take in a game....err....Stockport County v Vauxhall Motors!
It was however not totally unexpected as far of those of us who winced when it was decided to dispense with the services of Liam Cash – a groundsman who had turned out immaculate pitch after immaculate pitch this season . Liam was a dedicated employee and it showed on match days, and since his departure there has been a noticeable decline in the condition of the playing surface at Edgeley Park.
It is clear that the covers were not in place overnight to protect the pitch, and  this is dismaying, if not wholly surprising, but with a full 5 hours to go ,from 10, there was still time for the situation to be turned around in my view.
CE Car Park- sun out, crowds absent circa 2.50

I remember tottering through the ice bound streets of Gillingham a few seasons ago to a game which had been saved by the host club calling for volunteers who turned out in droves to ensure the game went on in far worse conditions than today`s. The effort by the locals was as rewarding to them as it was praiseworthy because County lost ( despite being cheered on by 48 frozen souls from Cheshire)and the points were all Gillingham`s.
No such call has gone out from our Club today!
We have worse to come weather-wise there is little doubt. The snow and ice will surely not be long in coming- will we be prepared that is the question or will more games be relegated to a draughty Tuesday night at obvious cost in terms of reduced gate income?
In my view we should act to address the situation by bringing Liam Cash back as groundsman – it is perhaps not too late to save us from further pantomime`s  of this nature in the future!
What happens thereafter will be in the hands of whoever is in charge should new investors still be minded to take us on.
I really do wish them well.
They will have the support of County fans for sure, but a quid pro quo must surely be that the quality of decision making at the Club is improved as befits the dire situation we are in!

Ian Brown


  1. I echo a comment on Facebook that maybe HTH could help with financing a groundsman. I don't feel comfortable criticising the club for dismissing Liam as I don't know the exact state of the finances that led to that decision.


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