Supporters Cooperative Election Statement and Membership Update.


Elections to the Board of Directors 2013 – Join us, lead us

Stockport County Supporters’ Co-operative preliminary information on the nomination and election process.
There are seven vacancies for elected members of the Board, to join the two current elected members, Mike Davies and Russ Johnson.
Nomination forms will be sent out as soon as the membership records are fully sorted out: we are working on that as hard as we can.
Anyone wishing to be a candidate for election to the Board must be a fully paid-up member of the Society as of 31/10/2013, and must be nominated by at least two other fully paid-up members. Here is i) Our Board Policy, and ii) Some guide role descriptions for Board members.
Candidates must submit a statement in support of their nomination, of at least 250 and no more than 800 words, and may also submit a photograph for publication with their statement.
If the election is contested, hustings will be held at the AGM in late November / early December. Ballot papers will then be distributed to those present and posted out to all other members, and the result announced as soon as possible allowing adequate time for return by post. The Returning Officer will be independent and not a member of the Co-op. This is the process recommended by Supporters Direct.
Exact dates and other details will be announced when nomination forms are sent out, but for now, start thinking how YOU could shape the future of the Co-op, and possibly the club for generations to come.
Mary McGee Wood
Independent Secretary

   Membership Update

Membership, membership, membership…..
The membership situation is in hand and we’re working on getting member e-mails out over the next day or two – in the meantime, if you’re unsure as to your situation as a member please contact us via the ‘contact us’ page and we’ll answer any questions.

Q: How many members do we have?
A: As soon as we have the exact number of members known, we’ll publish it.

Q: Ok, give me a rough figure!
A: About 280 and rising.

Q: Is it your round?
A: No, it’s yours….

There you go, a bit of pub talk……..


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