Help the Hatters Update 5July 2013

Working Party Update( Pics show WP taking a break (1), WP with Rhys Turner( 2) and Lewis King ( 3)

Well....I asked you......`could we beat 20 odd on Tuesday for the EP Working Party' and you answered with an emphatic `yes' as 31 turned out to tackle jobs in the four corners of the stadium.
Help the Hatters supporters were busy cleaning, painting, attending to signage and much much more. A strong army took to the Parfetts Cheadle End. Whilst  Brenda, Julie, Natalie and others dealt with the clean up side of things, the rest of us grabbed the grey and the rest is history. Well I say history, perhaps that`s a touch over egging this particular pudding, maybe its more hysterical than historical when the  goings on on the left side of the Cheadle End, where Graham Privett and myself were tasked with `laying down the grey stuff', were concerned.
With Hurricane Herbert whistling across from our left ,we commenced and a clash of styles was immediately apparent....Graham all Turneresque with a dash of  Renoir and me very very Jackson Pollock. In my defence I state categorically that hardly a splash has gone where it shoudn`t this year, whereas last time anyone on site got some and in some cases their wives/ husbands at home as well!
A lashing gale topped up the effects of Hurricane Herbert, later on, rendering the last four steps on my patch more Dado( in his tortured 80`s period) than Pollock .
It was worth doing though and good to catch Rhys Turner with the light fading fast - John ambushing him as he went from car to the showers after training.
Good stuff then as I say and make a note please that ,with Rodgers match on next Tuesday, the Working Party will be on Wednesday 10th at 18.30 ,so I`ll see you there!

Blog .

The blog is moving nicely on and ,after 3 and a bit weeks ,has notched up 1200 hits ( page views).
Breaking the hits down makes interesting reading as ,whilst  UK surfers provide  far and away the largest site visitor numbers (819), and the US at 184 is not a great surprise, perhaps the next largest....Russia 37 and Australia 25 are, with Brazil and France the next in line. Talking about site visits a big thank you to Yellow Boarders who are proving major visitors to the site. I would be grateful of any input from anyone as to the experience visiting the site( ie any the back ground blue?....etc)  . Please send these to me at

Cheadle Town

With the assistance of HtH, County have firmed up an arrangement whereby training on a Thursday evening is conducted at Cheadle Town.
You may recall that much hard work was put in by HtH pre last season at Cheadle Towm Much of that is intact and pretty much OK, but a general spruce up is urgently needed. Let me stress that no painting will be involved just a general clean up. If anyone can assist please meet up Saturday13th  July circa 08.45 at Cheadle Town ground. Work will commence at 09.00 until about 12.00. Thanks in advance Hatters !

Cheadle Town  v  County Pre Season Friendly

HtH are `doing' the barbecue at this match  on Wednesday 17th July. Please contact Natalie on if you fancy helping out.

County Cricket Match

This goes ahead on Sunday 28th July at Offerton Cricket Club organised by HtH.
Any one who can help out should contact Natalie on and be prepared to be on site in Offerton  between 13.00 and 13.30 prior to the match which I understand starts at 14.00.

County Roadshow.

Arrangements progress for this popular event which goes ahead on Friday 26th July at the Armoury.
SCAN certificates have been ordered to facilitate presentations on the night with sixties favourites Freddie Goodwin, Huge Ryden, Jim Collier, Barry Hartle   and Steve Massey amonst those invited.

County Yearbook

This will be launched at the Armoury on 26th and sold on match days in the Club Shop and outside the ground at a price of £2( or more if Hatters feel so inclined)

Car Boot

The Car Boot on Sunday 30th, was another resounding success. Help the Hatters supporters who turned out to work from 06.00 onwards are to be congratulated, none more so than Angela Moore who sorted the the whole sheebang in her usual top notch style, and managed to avoid drowning in the process as Fitzy`s attempts to  drain the pool on the Car Park got a tad over enthusiastic. Well done everyone!
Next Car Boot ,subject to obtaining the licence, will be on Sunday August 4th

Kevin Francis Print

Dan Hughes has spoken with Kevin and his family and they have agreed to sign some canvas prints to ultimately help Stockport County. They are very sad about the clubs decline and they are happy to help.

The print will be on sale for £23 pounds, hopefully the extra 3 pound will cover the shipping charges to Canada and back if enough orders are taken. As usual profits will go to HTH who will use the monies to help the club.

This image is a collage of several pictures, one of the major problems we have had is the availability of images that are good enough quality to use. So rather than use a poor image Dan  decided to collate several together with various poses and as many shirts he could find him in.

If you would like to order one then please email these may take a month or two to get them back signed so please be patient and Dan will be in touch along the way to let you know where things are up to.


Over recent years HtH have energetically obtained and flogged various County related items to raise funds without ever claiming to be experts in the field of merchantising. It occurs to us that within the County family there just may be the odd person who is well versed in that art. If you are and are willing to assist us please contact Mike Hopper on to discuss. Many thanks!

Help the Hatters and Vital Stockport.

I am delighted to advise that talks are in hand to facilitate a link up between HtH and Vital.
More information will follow next time!

And Finally.....

I was talking with a fellow Cheadle Ender the other day, and what he said at one point rang an immediate bell with me!
` After shelling out season after season, I suddenly find myself , following recent happenings at the Club, inclined not to go beyond buying my season ticket. I will not be buying a replica shirt or sponsoring a player as previously, but I am inclined to support Help the Hatters with their work., and would be willing to make some kind of donation as well, is this possible?'
This set me to thinking and I stated in response, that I was contemplating inserting a `donate` button on the blog. Tied in with  PayPal this would enable  supporters to donate directly into Help the Hatters account thus assisting us to keep on doing what we are doing ! I AM working on it and will advise later.

IO County

Ian Brown


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