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I’ve Cracked It – England World Cup Winners 2022

You see, it’s been bothering me. When FA chairman Greg Dyke teamed up with those intellectual heavyweights including Rio Ferdinand and Danny Mills 

to come up with a plan to improve the national sides chances of winning…….

 er, anything, and concluded that the best way forward was to essentially obliterate the lower league set up and for good measure the ‘Johnstones Paint’ trophy as well. All this whilst ignoring the rather large Elephant (herd of elephants!) in the room called the Premier League. No matter that end of the game I can safely leave in the capable hands of such visionaries as Patrick Vieira (who thought Greg’s, Rio’s & Danny’s ideas were wonderful) 

.But in the midst of this close season landscape whilst watching our brave boys capitulate even faster than usual whilst rather selfishly not even giving us the masochistic none pleasure of a terse final game ‘will we qualify from the group or not’ saga I got thinking. Perhaps it’s the light nights but sleep does not come ea…

Help the Hatters Update 36


Supporters Cooperative Comedy Night!


Le Weekend - a Northern Perspective.

Pre-season is a difficult time for County bloggers.
It provokes a massive attack of writer's block or the despatching of mental search parties in any direction desperately looking for interesting subject matter with an iota of County content. I hope my latest article will appeal to some readers without upsetting others who see red when they see City blue!!

The weekend's excitement began when I was invited to attend the 18th birthday party of the grand-daughter of a friend of mine, to be held, of all places, at the Bungalow, adjacent to Edgeley Park. All the bright young things were meant to be misbehaving in the big room whilst we oldies were consigned to the other room to watch the footie and play Lexicon (get a life, I hear you say!!).

Of course, when 11.00pm came, all the lads piled in to watch the England match. At this point, I better let you in to the fact that I have no national allegiance whatsoever to the England team and immediately become an embarrassment as I try to s…