Help the Hatters Update 35

Working Party 5.

Fantastico.......was a term used by Daily Express journalist Derek  Hodgson in 1964 to describe County`s performance in beating Bristol Rovers 3-2 at Edgeley Park. It was a term used again by Lancs in his book of that name some time later.
You may think I am in danger of losing myself in a deluge of hyperbole to use it again  in the context of last night`s Edgeley Park Working Party ( WP 5), but I am going to anyway.....FANTASTICO!

Richard Park and Gary Burton join Team WP 5

John Gaskin was back at the helm ,after a welcome holiday, being  joined by 22 County supporters  who responded magnificently to the Help the Hatters rallying call, along with County Director Richard Park and Life President Gary Burton , both of whom spent time talking to hard working fans,

John and Alan Gaskin in Percy Throwup mode.....

 all of whom were in receipt of free tickets for Saturday`s Comedy Night courtesy of the Stockport County Supporters Cooperative- a fantastic gesture! 

Masses was done.......absolute masses.....It was revealed recently that Picasso had been in a quandary when painting `the Blue Room'  in his early years- experts having concluded this after discovering an earlier effort involving a man in a bow tie, under the expensive iconic work the world now knows!

The Blue Room- Pablo Picasso.

No such indecision reigned last night, and...... as the  sun shone down relentlessly despite the hour- it mattered not to those under the Danny Bergara Stand as they rounded off areas that needed a final touch of paint- aisles....

Not.....Pablo Picasso....Ed Powell

dugouts....disabled section....even the former paddock area got a lick of yellow! 

The Pro touch from Kip Akram.

Whilst all this went on Kip pressed on in the changing room corridor which is now well on. 

Some small areas  remain to be sorted of course( the walkway being prime) but the Main Stand has largely been covered.

On to the Railway End and a decent number set about painting the aisles here , and I can report...happily ....that all aisles were finished come 8.45, knocking off time. A good start was made on the scoreboard in addition, which was cleaned and an undercoat applied. You may be alarmed to hear the colour is red, but...fear I`s undercoat ,and will be obliterated soon with a fulsome coat of dark County blue!

A start was made on the Pop Side also ,and this will probably be the prime focus next week. In this respect please note, with World Cup in mind, the Working Party next week will be on MONDAY June 23rd, commencing 18.30- come to the Railway End side entrance for admittance.
There`s still lots to do and not that much time in hand, so please try and turn out on MONDAY next.

Car Boot Cancellation.

Please note that the Car Boot Sale planned for 22June has been cancelled. Should  revised date(s) be forthcoming, we will let you know.

The blog passed 100000 hits  360 days into its first year. I erroneously indicated previously that 12 June was anniversary date, but the first article did not appear until 20 June 2013, so there are still a couple of days to go ,and we have now gone beyond 101000. To all who have written for the blog in that period I say congratulations, and to all our readers....County Fans and none County fans everywhere...I thank you!

Ian Brown


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