Help the Hatters Update 36

2014 Working Party 6

Wikipedia says that ` a chromatic colour ,  a colour without colour- the colour of a cloudy sky, ash or lead'.
The U.K also once had a Prime Minister called Grey..... Charles.....Earl Grey no less( he of the tea ). He liked to be called Baron Grey ( rather than the more common Earl I guess !!!!!!), ruling the U.K roost from 1830-1834.
Grey was also mostly the colour of choice last night, for Working Party 6 at Edgeley Park, as work continued getting the much loved stadium into shape before the season starts .
WP 6

The numbers were slightly down, due to the temporary switch to Monday owing to the World Cup, but there were 16 on site none the less and they did the work of twice that number, if truth be told!
The main body set about laying the grey down on the Pop Side , with a touch of yellow on the gangway twixt Pop Side and Railway End.

Ralph puts blue on red !
This freed up John Gaskin to touch up the Railway End aisles , whilst most impressively Ralph busied himself on the scoreboard that rapidly moved beyond red undercoat to blue top coat in fine style.

Daz duz grey !

Elsewhere Darren Berry continued  outside on the Danny Bergara stand whilst Kip Akram took painting of the Dressing Room corridor area ever closer to completion.

....whilst indoors Kip`s blue period continues.

Work continued until just after 21.00, and many thanks are due to all who made the effort and put themselves out for Help the Hatters and the Club.....THANK YOU ALL!
The brew time break ( thanks to Julie Clegg and Barbara Baird, who also did excellent work with a brush)was also an opportunity for a mini celebration of this blogs first anniversary. There was none of the noble Earl`s home brew available, but there was  a tasty cake, and  the anniversary was marked by the ritual consumption of same. Here`s to the next 12 months and another 100000 plus hits!

The cake, or the last 4 slices , before they unaccountably disapeared1

It will be back to Tuesday next week and thereafter for the Working Party`s, and I would urge all who can to make it to E.P for 18.30 ,we need your help!
Work will continue on the Pop Side ,bits and bobs in the Main Stand, and the corridor, plus the Hardcastle Road frontage will need to be prepped ready for a needed coat of blue. In this respect the Cherry Picker is on order ( courtesy Fitzy) and we are determined to do a good job hopefully before Flynny`s game!

Playing Budget Support Fund.

This ,as I understand it, has not been launched yet- discussions are ongoing, but Help the Hatters have now completed arrangements to facilitate receipt of payments into a dedicated fund ,thus upon completion of the back stairs  talks supporters will be able to make donations in confidence. This blog`s donate button and the button on Help the Hatters  web site feed into that dedicated account ( quite separate from any income aimed at HtH themselves), and offer an easy method of getting funds to `the fund'. Further and better information will be passed on when available to us.

Supporters Cooperative Comedy Night.

This was a great success ,and was reported on by this blog at the weekend.

Just part of the HtH contingent out supporting the event.
 Many Help the Hatters people were amongst the 140 or so who enjoyed the occasion. One of our number who wanted to remain nameless ( Joan Plimmer) wondered whether the Coop might consider running a Comedy Club event allowing supporters say 5 minutes on stage to strut their stuff. What do think out there....a good idea ?


Roy Hodgson neglected to name ex County boys Ricky Lambert and Frazer Forster in his final 11 for the last game. I feel a rant coming on, but will content myself for now by saying it`s a massive disappointment Roy!
I look forward to seeing both getting on at half time......rant on hold......for now!

IO County

Ian Brown


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