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Harrogate Town 3 County 1 ; Conference North 31.8.2013

Scientists ,we are told, are close to creating a pill to cure jet lag, after research on mice had revealed a possible mechanism for speeding up the body`s response to movement across time zones. There were no time zones for County to cross today, just a 66 mile journey to North Yorkshire to take on Harrogate Town, but ,for sure, there was a pressing need for their circadian clocks to be better regulated than they apparently have been thus far this season, but there was no sign of this happening at Wetherby Road where they slumped to ignominious defeat in alarming style.
It was another abject exhibition of how not to win football matches as with the game stuck at 0-0, and half time just 8 minutes away, County suddenly lapsed into doze mode, conceding 3 goals in a 5 minute spell that sent them in at the break 3-0 down. This was reduced by one , late on in the second half, when substitute Iain Howard forced one in with 3 minutes left, but it looked like too little too late and that`s ho…

Formal Minutes of Fans Group Meeting

Help the Hatters Update 18

The  7 days since the last Update probably contained two of the most depressing displays from County on the field at Altrincham and Edgeley Park respectively seen by many for years- both games being lost abjectly. Thankfully however things moved off the field in an altogether more positive direction!

`Stronger Together'

To summarise briefly - a most productive meeting took place at the Blossoms Hotel, at long last showing that the various unofficial elements of the mighty Blue Army, could come together and to some purpose- namely that of saving County! Help the Hatters were pleased to have  representatives present at this momentous gathering, and will endeavour to play a full part in the Groups onward activity.
It was decided to support the following :-

 To attempt to secure Edgeley Park as a Community Asset.

The loss of ownership of EP was undoubtedly the single most potent factor in sending County on their current horrendous downward spiral. As a first step to reversing this ,and…

Supporters Unite to Save County!