The Joy of Friendlies


For me, off-season is a cherished time. I am given the chance to watch decent football without the league table casting it's shadow over my enjoyment of the game.
The aptly named 'friendly' showcases the new team in all it's raw glory. I can even watch them lose without experiencing that sinking feeling that comes when you sense a defeat on the horizon and you know it really matters and will ruin your mood for the whole weekend.
Hey, its only a really doesn't matter.
It's an Edgeley Park fun day; a time to drool over the new pitch brought to perfection by the tender loving care and experience of the groundsman; a time to gel with the folks you sit with all season; a time to study the skills and faces of the new players so they become familiar and not just names on the back of the programme; a time to just lighten up and enjoy being part of YOUR club again.

This season the balance will be right; this season the optimism will be well-founded; this season will see that 'friendly' feeling last all season long!!
Pauline Coddington - (A Footballer's guide to Feltmaking.)


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