Help the Hatters Update 59

It’s 05.45 on a Bank Holiday Monday 4 May , and most people of sound mind are still abed.
At Booth Street Car Park however something stirs……a dozen cars, vans  & trailers are queuing for admission ,despite the clear instructions that proceedings do not start until 07.00!
Gate Patrol !
Also on site is the Help the Hatters organiser Angela Moore, who has spent much of the previous weeks fielding calls from booters wishing to ` book on’. Angela had the Man with a Hat with her and the duo were soon joined by others ( David, Clint, June, Steve B, Sam &  John G ) thus proceedings COULD start.

They shall not pass !
There were well over 100 booters booked on but the above mentioned team shoehorned them, and many more  punters wishing to park up, into the available space. It was a masterpiece ….a triumph of will and determination over other bad stuff!
A second wave of Fitzy, Jules, Dave, Chris & Pat ,offered some relief to the early risers and the whole thing went off magnificently well.

Angela is to be congratulated for her organisational nous, but rest assured that she will be on again seeking help for the next Car Boot which takes place on

Spring bank Holiday Monday 25th May 2015.  

So…..await the call and please…..please…..respond positively, the Car Boots are essential elements in ensuring Help the Hatters have the wherewithal to do what we do!

Since the above happenings , much has  continued to be done, largely in the area around the Bungalow, by Help the Hatters.

On the Tuesday evening following the Car Boot, it became apparent that there was a Blossoms gig on at the Bung on the usual W.P night, thus a quick switch to Tuesday was the only option. Despite the lack of notice 8 turned out and loads was done…..
 Ralph and Peter finished their third bench, and David did a fine job of painting one of them.

The fences were finished, and Biggles and the Vicar ( have you noticed they never appear in the same photo together!)continued with their landscape project.
Then to Sunday when the usual suspects gathered to the rear of the Bung to continue that which they had started. 

The Vicar simply bursting with pride !
The Vicar was in his element in his corner…..

David sorts a bench, while John`s G & F slap some blue on !
........... whilst Fitzy slapped the blue paint on a previously faded green surface, along with John G,  David joined yours truly adding lustre to Ralph`s magnificent benches.

Ralph and just one of those magnificent benches !
Have I mentioned yet….Ralph`s magnificent benches?.....well here`s a pic of said Ralph and just one of these superb structures! Not resting on any laurels however….he turned his hand to fixing a fresh elongated bench type seating arrangement which, on a sunny evening will give County supporters a decent view of the bowling green and beyond.

And there`s more.......
The usual suspects were pleased to be joined by Steve Cree who did a shift transporting soil from nowhere in particular to The Vicars corner, and another productive Working Party had concluded !

Steve Cree gets stuck in.

What`s next up then?

Well as far as the Bung is concerned the next Working Party will take place this Thursday 14 May at 6.00 p.m. We need a few to turn out for this if you can to get things sorted before we turn our attentions to Edgeley Park.

Fitzy has also arranged a `litter pick’ at the Booth Street Car Park, for the day previous……Wednesday 13 May . If you fancy giving us an hour for this small project please meet at the Booth Street Car Park  at 6.00 p.m.

Looking further forward therefore….and with Edgeley Park in mind, we are of a mind to commence E.P Working Parties at the beginning of June. Arrangements will be the same as last year, but will be confirmed nearer the time. Hold yourself in readiness then, and…..

Just one of our yesterdays  !
if you haven`t been on an E.P W.P before ask someone who has about what goes on, we get lots done, but in a good atmosphere.
So…wait for the word on this one!

And finally……

Some news from the Supporters Cooperative…….

The Supporters Cooperative is immensely pleased to announce that the Hatters Half Marathon  is definitely taking place on Sunday 6 September 2015, starting and finishing at Edgeley Park.

For details of the race and how to enter please go to….


You can also go direct to the Run Britain site and enter there via this link…..

Or…..if you do not want or are unable to run, but would like to help us on the day ,make this event really special, please contact Race Director John Giles on…..


 Catch you around then...........

Ian Brown


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