Bung Update and Call to Arms from Help the Hatters !

Casting aside my tremendous good fortune , courtesy of Tesco……..

 and pushing to the back of my mind for a short while the hugely disappointing news that Team Hedgegrower had had to settle for joint 1232nd position( out of 1856 I quickly add if you are tempted to scoff!) in the Non League Paper Fantasy Football League( just 1 place and 2 points ahead of `Old Socks’),  I headed for the Bung circa 9.30 today.

The proposed WP did not happen, due to the weather, but it gave me the chance to look round, and update my photo albums with a snap or two.

First stop was the `Smokers Corner’ where I knew that stuff was afoot! Ralph`s initial handiwork had received two coats of the `ubiquitous brown’ that Biggles had obtained( more on the way Biggs has advised me ), in the preceding week, so I was  anxious to view progress .

Ralph makes a start !

On Thursday …….Ralph, maintaining his force of nature status, was seen reversing his people carrier with trailer affixed into position near the Vicar`s Corner. The trailer was ram jam with tackle and it soon became apparent that the roof was on its way into position in the Smokers Corner. And so it was…..in a blur of activity …what seemed but a pile of unrelated sundries, was fashioned into a rather tasty roof by the aforementioned force of nature!

.....and, roof on...its getting there for sure !
This area is well on the way to completion and a massive vote of thanks is due to Ralph for his brilliant efforts!  
A quick peek at the Vicars Corner revealed it in splendid nick….an oasis of genteel greenfingery which will set the whole scene up a treat.......

I must confess to not being wholly converted to the idea of painting the whole of the back wall, that faces onto the bowling green, white, but that view did not carry and work commenced in a welter of willing hands on Thursday.

The picture that heads this article, did cause a small flutter on the message boards and on Facebook, due to one of our number having blue paint on his brush whilst allegedly working on a white wall! Well spotted you keen eyed keyboard warriors, it was in fact David Wright, well known Mime Artist and Escapologist, and David had just completed  a stint with Ed Powell slapping some Leyland Blue on elsewhere ,before obliging with a photo op!

Dave and Ed slap that blue on........

Here`s a pic from today  showing how far the team got. 

Stuff still to do so please head for the Bung this Thursday and help us continue with the project.

Before then however ……tomorrow in fact….1 June….. we reconvene the Edgeley Park Working Parties, commencing from 6pm , meeting up at the Railway End. The plan will be to do a clean up in the Upper Tiers of the Cheadle End, which we trust will have been cleared of any detritus from the Beer Festival, prior to our arrival.

Final WP Barbi pic from last close season .

We know what is needed to be done in the close season and I would like to thank George ( Copper Dragon on Marionsboard) for supplying paint brushes….rollers, and much much more to enable us to get started on the paint work. If you are planning to join us, if you could bring a sweeping brush and shovel with you it would help.
So……this week its…..
Edgeley Park Working Party     Monday 1st at 6 pm ( and every Monday thereafter in the close season)
Bung Working Party          Thursday 4th from 6.30 pm ( and every Thursday )

"Is that all Help the Hatters will be doing ? " I hear you exclaim.
Well......you know not.....because we have another Car Boot Sale at the Car Park on Booth Street on Sunday 14 June 2015. If you can help at any time twixt 6a.m. and 13.00 please let Angela know on  07867856394.

Last Sunday`s Car Boot was another belter earning decent dosh for Help the Hatters ensuring we can keep on doing stuff that needs doing.
Over 100 sellers were in place , mostly by 7p.m - one guy having started queing at 3.30 aparently!

Full marks then to Angela and her team for some great work , please join `em if you can on the 14th.

Oh……and for those worried whether or not the pitch is going to `get some’ before the new season….I  point you towards the final pic taken in the Cheadle End Car Park today!

Ian Brown     


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