Help the Hatters Update 25 June 2013

When pressed on favourite places......spots of rare beauty....some.....many perhaps, would point to the Taj Mahal, Niagara Falls maybe or one of Brunel`s bridges, but for me there is nothing quite so guaranteed to lift the spirits as a glimpse of Hardcastle Road early morning or bathed in gentle summer sunshine later on in the day. It matters not which direction you approach it from.....from Mercian Way, Booth Street or via the Reservoir- for me the effect is always the same as the old EP frontage , so spick and span these days after another lick or two  of paint, greets your  eye welcoming you like a prodigal son or daughter.
Then....if, like last night, you actually gain access to the stadium ( why oh why did we ever contemplate leaving for somewhere....anywhere else!) the effect only magnifies, upon seeing that same gentle evening sunshine flit across the grass and caress two of the stands and the roof of the others. And the grass looked magnificent once again last night ...a credit to Liam who had clearly been hard at work again.....the stands bidding to outdo each other in their newly painted splendour!
Help the Hatters however were not of a mind to rest on their laurels, and they set about their latest tasks with some vigour.
The colour last night was predominately grey( still we await the order to `slap that yellow on ')- maybe next week. The Cheadle End was well covered again and even the much maligned Upper Tier got some attention which should please the louder souls amongst us. Yes it was a thorough job again ,thanks to another excellent turn out ( 25) and along with the Pop Side we even managed to make a start on the Safety Officers Communication Centre, which we somehow over looked last season.
A great effort again and  it is definitely beginning to look like home once more- a very splendid home!
"Calm down lad....take a tablet" I hear you cry ,so I move on.....after of course asking you to note that the next EP Working Party is on Tuesday July 2nd starting 18.30.As usual it would help if you advised Natalie that you intend coming on but this is not essential- just turn up outside the Main Stand and join the fun!
The Blog is very much up and running as I write. Set up by me and  in my name , but very much intended as a vehicle for Help the Hatters, so if you want to contribute articles at any stage contact me on
Meanwhile along with the Help the Hatters Updates on the site, two fresh articles,  Team News( which pre dated Phil`s worthy effort on COWS)and Action not Words, have been added this week, so please keep visiting the site which will be regularly updated, and will have regular match reports of every County game this coming season within 24 hours of the match finishing.

Blog address   ;

Blog Title ;      All things Stockport County.

The site is hosted by Blogger but I am trying to get it listed by Football Blog Directory as well, although this is proving more of an effort than I had anticipated, although I will persevere.
Billy Byrne and Help the Hatters have been in discussions about the annual Stockport County Cricket Match and I can confirm that this will go ahead on Sunday July 28th at Offerton Cricket Club where Paul Jones and Rob Clare will be putting 2 exciting sides of current and ex County players together.We are assured that there will be a good turn out of the current squad this year, so make it a date Hatters!
The Yearbook . With interviews, articles etc in the bag, things are looking good for what I anticipate being a sell out edition of the popular County item. Editor  Andy however has gone all secretive about sections of the much anticipated publication- only revealing that "it is something fans will be really excited about". Sounds good to me Andy!
This Sunday( 30th June) Help the Hatters decamp to Booth Street Car Park for the latest Car Boot Sale . This starts at the unearthly hour of 06.00 and continues until 13.00. If you can help out, turn up any time after 06.00 and stay for however long you can. It would also help if you could let Angela know you are going to help either by email on or by phone to 07867859394.

Don`t forget then- keep visiting the Blog .See you  Sunday at Booth Street or  at EP Tuesday next.

Ian Brown


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