Help the Hatters Update 42

Yes......the sun shone, notwithstanding the doom and gloom laden weather reports prior to Working Party 15, and it was very much a case of `mission accomplished’ for Help the Hatters, after what notionally is the final WP of this current close season.
It was another stormer from an organisational and almost any other angle, as 25 turned out to take on the twin tasks remaining to be sorted.

The fence `gets it'

There was a pressing need to finish off the fence at the Car Park, fully transforming the sickly green paint job to an altogether more appropriate blue hue.

Gaffer- John Gaskin.

Gaffer John Gaskin deployed his troups with his usual sure touch, and the bulk of the 25 attended the fence, and despite some lively conversation on the way, it was a case of `job done’ before the lure of the end of term Barby took hold around 8 o`clock.
Prior to this there was one rather anxious moment I must say...when the above mentioned Gaffer was seen striding past with a young boy trailing in his wake. The conversation between Gaffer and boy went thus....

Gaffer “ now who was the man son......?” as he looked in our direction.
Boy( looking our way)....” It was him.....” as his arm just extended past me ,to Ralph ,who was applying blue to anything that did not move at that precise moment.
It was a tense time all right, until the boy chirped up again with.....

“ Yes....he said he would get my ball off the roof last week”
I can tell you......that was a relief.....and the boy was very grateful when Ralph promised he would sort the matter that very night!

Brew Crew.

Elsewhere...Kip finished off the Players Entrance ( a real labour of love!), and Pat was busy painting the floor of the Railway End Gents, a neat shade of grey, whilst Natalie and Julie interrupted their painting to make a cupper or two to supplement the barby liquids.

Loo Crew.

The barbecue ,put on by Joyce and Mike Hopper ,to thank the supporters who have turned out so often and in such numbers this close season, was a fine affair and went down well with a wide variety of delicious looking edibles getting the treatment .

Barby Crew.

Steve Bellis paid us a visit late on, which was nice surprise, and I know he was every bit as grateful for the supporters efforts as anyone. Fitzy said a few words of thanks to the group, and I must say I have run out of superlatives to respond to the excellence of a fan base that can put themselves out so!

Regulars reminisce.....

Oh......and you`re wondering about balls......well......Ralph found half a dozen up there and really made the lads day when he dropped them off at his house!
Top job job everyone!

I O County

Ian Brown

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