" Take Me To Your Leader !"

What's your close season been like so far?

Mine has been routinely boring, until yesterday....and a very startling incident indeed!

It was a disconcerting moment for sure........

I just did not expect the blinding flash of light....or the sight that ensued thereafter as a large metallic object landed, bang smack in the centre of my back garden- an ill kempt patch of urban greenery.

The unease that had descended upon me continued unabated, as from said object someone....or something emerged into the dank Stopfordian air.

Eyeing me impassively, the visitor spoke...

" Take Me To Your Leader!"

I must confess that, despite my utter confusion and near panic, I was somewhat disappointed with that opening gambit, but I had no time at all to ponder further when the question was repeated with added emphasis!

" Take Me To Your Leader........Mr McKnight!"

My panic stricken state worked absolute wonders in successfully suppressing a gale of laughter at the amended verbals.

It emerged later that my visitor had been here before....some years ago....and had engaged in lengthy dialogue with Mr McKnight  culminating in a plan to `take over the world', starting out with the conquest of Division 5 ,before moving on.

Imagine my inter galactic visitor's  consternation at being informed that , far from nudging at the gates of the Premier League, we were now in Division 6!

" Surely, some mistake has happened" he/she offered to which I declined to reply "
Yes.....quite a few actually!"

It was clear that my new friend had not taken into account Ryan's belief in `Chaos Theory'  ................

............ and I left him/her heading towards West Yorkshire , and our ex CEO's current distraction....

I wished him well...as I do Frickley Athletic, before downing my sixth old tom of the evening!



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