Memorial Day 2016

For years now....County supporters have  taken part in one of those original and distinctively heart warming events, that just screams `Only at Stockport County'.

The last Friday before the first match of every season ...organised by Ian Lancashire....County supporters meet up at the Royal Scot in Marple Bridge to honour all supporters who are sadly no longer able to don the blue and white and cheer their team on.

Early shot  outside the Royal Scot

The itinerary is a simple at the pub from around 12.00.......toast the deceased fans( circa 2.30)with the uniquely challenging mix of Rum and whisky.....head off to the graveside of John Hall ( The Captain) in the nearby church yard to lay a wreath.....and salute not only John but all County supporters ,players and officials no longer with us !

Today was no exception and the first arrivals were seated outside the pub well before noon.

First comers.

Not long after this Caz turned up with the wreath from the Supporters Cooperative, as slowly the numbers started to build.

Caz Burt with the Supporters Cooperative Wreath.

Amongst the numbers  today was, County Mascot Peggy the piglet, accompanied by Steve Bellis County's Special Adviser to the Club Board, and it was great to see them both again.

Peggy and Steve Bellis.

All the 90 who turned out were required to sign the book of condolence, and this next photo verifies that Lancs and SB saw to it that Peggy conformed to this County tradition!

Peggy about to sign.....

Circa 2.30 and the annual salute to those passed took place inside the Royal Scot with glasses being raised to the accompaniment of a rousing rendition of the County Anthem.

A rousing salute !

Job done......every one set to go home?  ......Not a bit of it as the whole party set off up the nearby hill to the graveside of The Captain.

It was quite a slog but no one ducked the challenge, although some chose the easier gate entrance rather than climbing the wall, but nuff said of that!

That hill !

Arrival at John's graveside was a suitably solemn occasion.

 A few moments of contemplation were followed by some suitable words in tribute  from Pete and Ged .

Then a candle was lit , followed by a minutes silence nicely observed by all!

Peggy meanwhile....not well versed in etiquette ....or County tradition...made an unscheduled contribution....

It was time to drift on back to the Royal Scot around 3 o'clock and for the proceedings to continue.

I drifted off to start this report, but I am guessing others are still there now.

IO County !

Ian Brown

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  1. First time for me but a great day. Great to see the amount of respect shown to those no longer able to support the Hatters. God rest all of you.

  2. Absolutely Paul....absolutely !


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