Help the Hatters Update 55

I wasn`t expecting many to turn out on Tuesday......probably just the usual suspects, but shortly after 10 o`clock came the first surprise with the arrival of Broderick Harley ( IHATEMANCITY off MB). It was gratifying to hear Broderick confirm that ` I have read all about the work done at the Bungalow, and came with my wife the previous Saturday, and I was impressed by the fantastic change in the place, so here I am!’

Broderick gets stuck in.....
That was simply excellent, but it continued with the arrival next of Wayne Bennett, brother of Lee, whose life we sadly celebrated at EP and in the Bungalow last week. Wayne had been speaking to Fitzy last Saturday, and let slip that he was ` something of a handyman’ and was roped in!
Both Broderick and Wayne were soon in the swing of things....both donning the forensics all body overalls before setting to work. All the work, supervised by John Gaskin, concentrated on the oft times referred to `problem wall’ , which is rapidly becoming a problem no more as the damp has vanished  due to the overwhelming application of care.....attention....elbow grease and paint! 
Wayne Bennett, with John Gaskin at the back....

Skirts.....pipes....panels....walls all got the treatment. For the walls it was a top coat for the rest undercoat, and the progress was there for all to see when work finished circa 2 o`clock.

Grub up !
At this point.....Steve ( scb on MB) bobbed in to give the electrics the once over.......Fitzy meanwhile discussed floor tile matters on the phone, before conversation swung to sanding and applying a finish to the Dance floor. 

The consultation process......

All these are issues in the `to do’ box for Help the Hatters, who now have a cubby hole of their very own near the door- its the mass of clutter midst which a bloke used to sit with hand outstretched as you entered the Bung, not allowing entrance until you`d slipped him a quid! Entrance  now is absolutely one sits and glowers at you as you enter, and the clutters gone!

No quid to pay !

So......on to Thursday ,and some more new faces joined us, laying down some top coat on the walls, which was excellent.
Welcome new faces....

In addition Luke had a look at the floor tiles,  and  gave a hand to Mike Hops with the lighting. 

Thus..... with Natalie cleaning the windows in readiness for the arrival of the curtains, and  Kip, John G and Ed ,who for some unaccountable reason chose a forensics style overall six sizes too small for him( below pic hardly catches the scene at all, but despite the haze ,you will hopefully get the picture....well done anyway Ed !.....

Ouch !!!!!!

....and everyone worked hard and a good fist was made of things once again.

The Bungalow will be open for biz as usual for tomorrow`s ( Saturday) game v Leamington, so....if you can.....pop in......have a pint and a pie  before the game, and boost the Players Fund in so doing!

And......of course the Working Parties will week on Tuesday at 10 a.m, and Thursday at  6 p.m- if you find you can.....please join us !

IO County.

Ian Brown


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