Help the Hatters Update 52

Indoor Working Party 2 filled the Bung with people busily doing their best to slowly transform the interior of the place.
There were 12 in the party, 2 less than last week, which was a slight disappointment, but those present did an excellent job.

Kitchen Crew Part  2
The kitchen clean up continued via the good offices of Natalie, Pat and Julie- Pat taking time out with husband Dave to measure certain areas for re- curtaining. In this respect Fitzy waltzed in with a huge piece of curtain material, which being in County blue and white gained the approval of the 12!
Curtain Material .

Simon continued his `skirts and rads odyssey’ , whilst  I did my best to touch up the duff job I did last time on the walls.

Simon and skirts....

....and here`s Simon`s pic of a rad.
Kip and Mike busied themselves giving the large wall that was previously a dull brown bedecked with CIU certificates, a further coating, and Kip had a surprise up his paint spattered sleeve in the form of some `not magnolia’ paint, apparently entitled ` seduction’.

Kip & Hopski make a start....

...and are joined by the Vicar !

Its neither the original brown nor last weeks blueish white undercoat, and it looks OK!
“Where`s the Vicar in all this?” I hear you cry anxiously, and I can tell you that he was in the gents with John G and MIAH,before coming over to assist Kip & Mike, and a good job they did too.

Fitzi & John G sorting the gents.....
 The tiling is still a `to do’ item but it is on the radar for sure.

.......along with M.I.A.H

A clean up, ended the session shortly after 8.30, but not before next week`s plan of action was sorted, which is:-
          1.     More another coat on that wall.
          2.     A coat on the walls adjacent to the stage facing towards the dance floor.
          3.     Continuation in the gents, and probably the ladies too.

On then to Saturday........ and the Bung was bulging around 2p.m.....

  ......... the walls freshly bedecked with a giant flag for the occasion.....

.........the pies were eagerly snapped up ( at £1.50 no surprise!)....

....and Simon brought in the new TV , fresh from Black Friday, for use on match days for the benefit of County fans .....

We even had a couple of County Historians on site, planning future SCAN events of which more at a later date.....

But the star attraction came at 2.20 with the arrival of County Manager Alan Lord, County Director Gary Burton, Steve Bellis and Bobby Lofthouse.

Alan gave us a run down of his plans the game, and the growing throng of County fans present really appreciated his presence and that of Gary, Steve and Bobby! 

Overall the pre match went very well and raised a fair bit for the Players Fund, which was gamely advertised by our hero Fitzy, who tells me that a long busy day was made so  enjoyable by the sight of so many smiling County faces as he traversed the stadium in his guise as `Sandwichboard Man'....

And so on to Sunday , and .....if faced with the question that dads fear the most when put to them by their son, namely " What did you do for County dad?"....John Gaskin can now answer...." I turned out and did some stuff when no one else did!"
And he did too being the sole person on site at the Bung circa 9.30 a.m on Sunday.
Having said all that, it must be acknowledged that we have been asking a lot of some very willing workers recently, this week particularly, and one of those DID turn out later ( Vicar) to find the place person-less.

Here`s John in action.....

Great stuff John( & the Vicar!) !

Working Party action this week is as follows:-

      Thursday 4th  at 6p.m...............Indoor WP 3

       Sunday  7th   from  9 a.m....... Outdoor WP 11

And don`t forget to pop into the Bung before the match.

See you there then!

Ian Brown


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