County Supporter Conquers Kilimanjaro !

Long standing County supporter Paul Fedyniek, was on the Fingerpost Flyer bound for Leamington on Saturday. “So what?” you might be tempted to exclaim “ he usually is!”, but what was particularly interesting was that Paul had just returned from Africa where he had succeeded in taming the continent`s highest peak- the 19341 foot Mount Kilimanjaro!  The blog sent Nigel Farago(our man with a pencil and a crass line in repartee) to talk to Paul and find out how it went!

“ The whole trip was simply fantastic” Paul offered “ lasting 3 weeks ,which contained 5 and a half days climbing and 1 and a half descending- hard going for a party that included people from USA, Oz, Ireland as well as the U.K.”

Training for this epic `once in a life time’ effort, consisted of several go`s at Kinder. These training stints were vital in ensuring that Paul stayed the trip and made it to the summit in Tanzania, but there was just no comparison between the two mountains.....Kinder being pussy cat to Kilimanjaro`s tiger!

Banter between Paul`s party and the locals was good....

..... and as you would expect loads of photos were taken, some of which are reproduced here.

 In this respect note the County scarf seen at various points going up the mountain! Reaching the summit was obviously the pinnacle moment for Paul, but not far behind was the sight of a massive glacier that seemed to stretch from the summit to the base of Kilimanjaro. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Paul opted not to try to slide down it!

If gob smacking views and wildlife encounters abounded.....unfortunately news about County was not forthcoming throughout the 3 weeks, and Paul was glad to reacquaint himself with things blue and white as County accounted for Ilkeston FC in the F.A. Cup.  He was full of praise for County`s performance particularly that of captain Jamie Milligan who he described as “ a great player!”

Paul`s effort was all in aid of Cancer Research UK, and he has thus far collected over £400 for the charity, so if you see Paul....probably in the Cheadle End.....on the Flyer....anywhere don’t forget to congratulate him ,and maybe stick a quid or so the Charity`s way!

Meanwhile the blog offers Paul its warmest congratulations on achieving a brilliant feet!

N Farago



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