Chinese Interest in County Confirmed!

                                               Steve Bellis ( right) and brother Martin,
                                                on tour in Urumqi with County in 2004

Something resembling optimism surfaced around Edgeley Park yesterday evening as, in a speech at the Sponsors Evening, former County Commercial Manager Steve Bellis , confirmed that the Club were attracting interest from credible people in China.  
Bellis is well known to County supporters for the excellent work he did whilst with the Club.
He has maintained strong links with China  and it is from these links that the current interest has sprung, more specifically from the family that owned Stockport Tiger Star.
County toured China on two occasions  and played a considerable part in the birth of Tiger Star following the last tour in 2004.
The Chinese at the time were particularly impressed by the Clubs philosophy which could be summed up thus-
` Never operate in an area or country without ensuring that you are going to give something back to the community that you are engaging with' It was not just a policy of `turn up ...take the money ,and leave' as adopted by other larger clubs.
Unfortunately however County were owned by Cheshire Sports at the time and they were less than enthusiastic in taking the Chinese venture any further , hence a great opportunity was lost.
The family have never forgotten their Stockport connection of old  though and it appears that there is a genuine desire to see if they can now help County as County helped them 10 years ago.
Representatives of the family were at the event last night and it seems likely that early exploratory  talks, if not already underway between the parties, might well soon be.
Lets hope this small ripple of hope can be fanned into something that will help revive this wonderful Club of ours!


Ian Brown


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